Scorpions get stung!

The first game of the new year saw Glenrothes Grizzlies host St Andrews Scorpions.

The under-10s were up first and with only five skaters and a net minder the youngsters came out meaning business. Ferguson netted the first goal at 1:06 setting the tone for the rest of the game. Scorpions had a break away at 1:31 with a shot on goal ably dealt with by net minder Paton. Another two goals at 1:43 (Jamieson) and 2:07 (Kellock) saw the game pretty much sewn up as Grizzlies went out to the first break a comfortable four goals ahead. The first goal of the second period was a slap shot by Jamieson from the centre line which went whizzing past the Scorpions’ net minder to give him his hat-trick. Scorpions fought back slightly towards the end of the second putting pressure on Grizzlies net minder, at one point lying on his stick. The game ended 8-0 to Grizzlies, but it could have been a lot more had it not been for the outstanding effort of the Scorpions net minder who deservedly won himself their man of the match award. Grizzlies MOM was Kellock. Scorpions have yet to score past Grizzlies who have to date etched up a massive 35 goals against them in three games.

The under-16s game is always a lot more physical and this was no exception. Hard checks, strong passing and powerful skating was the order of the day. The first three goals went to Rennie, with another from Kirk. The fifth goal of the period was a long shot from Dow, which Scorpions’ net minder turned to save, but the puck bounced off his glove into the back of the net. Grizzlies ended the first period a comfortable 6-0 ahead. The second period was a quieter affair with Scorpions getting their first goal past an unsighted Morris. They called a time out at 11-1 down, but to no avail as Grizzlies continued the punishment riding out 17-1 victors. MOM: Smith.

Scorpions had high hopes against Grizzlies under-12s with their previous meet ending 5-5. The first two periods were a hard slog for Grizzlies who just couldn’t find the back of the net. The tired legs of the team, who are mostly made up from the 10s with a few additions, showed and it took a while for them to get it together. Scorpions took an early lead in the first period with Ferguson equalising in the second. The third period saw a burst of energy from Grizzlies with Jamieson netting a hat trick and they came out 4–1 winners. MOM: Ferguson.

Grizzlies are recruiting new players at all age levels - anyone with basic skating skills.