Sentimental win for former golf pro

2512046 SSFF hamish patullo 'Hamish Patullo - 2012 Club Champion with shield - at Kirkcaldy Golf Club, Kirkcaldy
2512046 SSFF hamish patullo 'Hamish Patullo - 2012 Club Champion with shield - at Kirkcaldy Golf Club, Kirkcaldy
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FORMER golf pro Hamish Patullo is the 2012 champion of Kirkcaldy Golf Club.

The 29-year-old, who gave up his PGA status to pursue a career in golf retail, overcame five-time winner Kevin Blyth in the 36-hole final last Sunday.

Hamish, who currently plays off a handicap of one, secured a 3&2 win with a par on the 16th hole of the second round.

And he was delighted to etch his name into the history books of the club that helped kick-start his career.

“This club gave me my first job in golf so it’s quite a sentimental win for me,” he said.

“It was the place I grew up as a golfer and I’ve got a lot of great memories.

“To cap it off by winning the club championship is a great thrill.”

Hamish also managed to prevent his mate, Kevin, from winning his third successive final.

“I didn’t play the best golf in the world, but managed to win,” he said. “Maybe I just wanted it more than Kevin on the day.

“He’s been there and won it before, whereas I was so determined to get my name on that board because you don’t know how often you’ll get that chance.

“To be able to receive the shield in front of so many good friends at the presentation night and say a few words was a really humbling experience. It was a fantastic week overall.”

Hamish grew up in Kirriemuir, where the local golf pro was a certain Anthony Caira - the current director of golf at Kirkcaldy.

“Anthony was my coach at Kirriemuir when I was a junior before he moved to Kirkcaldy,” Hamish explained.


“We kept in touch and when I was about 17 he phoned me about about a job opportunity.

“I managed to get it and became a trainee club pro at Kirkcaldy.

“Anthony was busy running the golf club, so I got a chance to coach some of the ladies and the juniors, as well as run the shop.

“I built up a lot of good friendships, and even today, most of my friends are from Kirkcaldy.

“Even though I’ve moved on I’ve always kept Kirkcaldy as my home club because there’s a strong connection there.

“I will always support the club an

d hold it in high regard.”

Hamish spent four years under Caira at Kirkcaldy before becoming the qualified pro at Blairgowrie.

A move to Royal Aberdeen followed but a career change saw him quit pro golf to move into retail, and he is now the store manager of Navada Bob’s in St.Andrews.

“Playing golf is just a hobby now,” he said. “I was lucky enough to play pro for eight years, and it’s strange to think that 10 years ago I was trying to qualify for the Open.

“But my only ambition as an amateur player was to win the club championship at Kirkcaldy and I’ve managed to do it.

“I work five or six days a week now and don’t have the time to commit to playing that I’d need to take it any further.

“I know how much you have to put into the game to get something back, you have to devote yourself to it, but I’m happy with my one game a week.”