Shock win as history repeats itself

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For the derby fixture in Division Two of the Dundee Table Tennis League, Swots and New Kids both favoured the same line-ups as in October when the lower ranked Swots sprung a surprise 8-2 victory.

Dave Beveridge, Emma Bissett and Collin Bleak were looking to repeat their form for Swots while Ian Smith, Ken Falconer and Kong Wan wanted to wreak a terrible revenge on the upstarts.

First up were Dave and Kong who shared a couple of nervy ends until they settled into some good attacking rallies.

Twice Kong came back to level the match but Dave started strongly in the fifth, building a lead which Kong could not claw back.

Emma and Ken played out a huge battle with Emma taking the first two ends 11-9.

Ken dug deep with his trademark defence to take the next two 11-8 and 17-15 but again it was the Swot who won the deciding set.

Collin started the third match against Ian in rip-roaring fashion, but after the loss of the first set, Ian cannily regrouped and took control for a 3-1 win to bring  New Kids back into the match.

The revival was not to materialise though, with Swots taking the next five in a row.

New Kids only put one more win on the match card when Ian came through against Dave in four sets, while Emma enjoyed a faultless night, winning her three singles and combining well with Collin to take the doubles in three close sets.

Collin and Dave each chipped in a second singles win.

And so, not only was the 8-2 overall score repeated, but remarkably the points were taken in exactly the same way as in the first half encounter.

The entire club is now hoping that, despite this set-back, New Kids can battle back from the danger of relegation.

In Division Three, Prospects faced a difficult fixture away to second placed Kingsway and, once again, the lack of a third player made it virtually mission impossible for Dave Goddard and Emily Howat.

After Dave got them off to a winning start, Emily was within a whisker of one of the upsets of the season when she only succumbed in five sets to the immensely experienced Willie Cooper, finishing the evening with a 9-1 scoreline in his favour.