Skater’s podium success continues

Sarah Kerracher
Sarah Kerracher

ST ANDREWS youngster Sara Keracher was on the winner’s podium after travelling to Bracknell to compete in their Open Figure Skating Championships.

The 11-year-old, who finished third at the Magnum Opens in March, competed against 13 other girls to be finish first at Level Five Ladies.

As one of the youngest skaters in her level, the competition - held at the end of April - was judged using the 6.0 point RJS scoring system and she also achieved more personal best scores from a previous competition.

She has since travelled to Murrayfield to compete in her first Level Six Competition, in which she gained fifth place.

Sara has secured re-entry into the Regional Development Pathway Team which was set up by the National Ice Skating Association to recognise skaters with potential to represent Great Britain nationally and internationally.

She will compete at Basingstoke Opens next month and is now preparing for her Level Seven skating tests.