St Andrews schoolboy on crest of a wave

Surfer Andrew Robinson.
Surfer Andrew Robinson.

A St Andrews schoolboy is riding the waves to surfing success.

Despite only picking up a board seriously six months ago, 13-year-old Andrew Robertson, from Largoward, recently came third in the Granite Reef Surf Competition at Aberdeen, a meeting of top talent from across the East coast of Scotland.

Andrew’s achievement was even more impressive given that, as well as battling against competitors as old as 18 in his section, the St Leonards School pupil was also fighting against illness.

He told the Citizen: “The day before the event I was quite sick, but I really wanted to take part.

“The waves were huge! It was great to be out there competing.”

In addition to earning him a podium place finish, Andrew’s performance also brought him to the attention of one of Scotland’s top surfers, Mark Boyd, who offered him a fantastic training opportunity - lessons with him for five days at Thurso during the Christmas holidays.

Andrew is self taught, having honed his technique through watching videos and the surfers at the East Sands in St Andrews who first inspired him to give it a go.

Not even the bracing prospect of the North Sea in winter can deter Andrew from hopping on his board at every opportunity.

“The cold isn’t that bad!” he said, “the wetsuits keep you warm.

“I’m out there surfing at the East Sands and all round Scotland whenever there are waves. I love it, it’s awesome.

“It’s just an amazing feeling. Going out on the water, it’s the best feeling ever.”