Students line up to take shots of a different kind...

University of St Andrews Clay Pigeon Shooting Club
University of St Andrews Clay Pigeon Shooting Club

It’s not a sport you’d normally associate with the student population, but clay pigeon shooting is proving to be a favourite at the University of St Andrews.

The University has countless organisations, but few proved to be such a hit in 2015 as the clay pigeon shooting club.

The club has competed in two competitions this semester, one in Aberdeen and its own challenge.

Members did well at Aberdeen, with ladies’ captain, Kiana Hainsworth, winning the ladies’ high gun title before repeating her success in the challenge.

Kiana said 2015 had been an outstanding year.

She said: “The Clay Pigeon Club has had a pretty great first semester.

“The amount of interest in the club from new members has been tremendous, so much so that we were not able to take along everyone to the training sessions.

“In the spring we’ve been invited to Edinburgh, Newcastle, Aberystwyth, Durham, Reading, and Hull which is a tremendous increase from past years.”

But the shooting also has another purpose, with a fundraising ethos shared amongst members.

“This semester we’ve been helping raise money for a charity that is very dear to the hearts of the family who owns and runs the shooting ground we train at,” added Kiana.

“The charity raises money to bring abandoned dogs over from Cyprus and to pay for their vet bills.

“Since the beginning of the semester, our shooting ground has raised over £800 for this charity, and we’ve been able to contribute around £150.”

The club practices at Auchterhouse Country Sports twice a week, competes in all inter-university fixtures, and hosts the annual St Andrews Challenge, as well as the infamous Welly Ball, which is run by a separate committee.

Members also have access to Commonwealth Games finalist Drew Christie, whose tuition led them to victory in the 2008 BUCS Championships and 2010 Agricultural Block Fixture.

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