Thrills and spills at Racewall

Scott Chisholm (363) and Mike McCombie (54) spinning with a help from Aaryn Triggs (620) in the saloons
Scott Chisholm (363) and Mike McCombie (54) spinning with a help from Aaryn Triggs (620) in the saloons

IT was dry at the Cowdenbeath Racewall on Saturday night, although right at the end there was the odd drop of rain.

However, the stock car drivers were in good form and, as a result, there was no shortage of action in all races.

John Hogg was in a big shunt during the Grand National when he hit the wall at full pelt, with the car shedding a wheel in the process. Scott Devine and Ian McLaughlin clashed more than once within a couple of laps before he ended up bouncing off the wall and out of the race.

Mike McCombie and Scott Chisholm clashed and as they spun, Aaryn Triggs joined in with the cars behind just managing to squeeze through the narrowest of gaps.

Bryan Lindsay was sent careering across the grass in one of the ministox races and then ended up crashing into the wall in the next.

Among the formula IIs in action were visitors Craig Utley, John Broatch and Geoff Forster whilst the Fife drivers were Gregor Turner (Dunfermline), Paul Reid (Cowdenbeath) and Gordon Moodie (Windygates).

The opening race was one of the white/yellow challenge races, where Alan Edmiston led home Stephen Forster and Craig Wallace with Reid in seventh place.

Heat one saw Moodie go charging through to win from Chris Burgoyne and Robbie Dawson. Moodie repeated the win in heat two, this time leading home Dawson and Wallace with Reid 10th.

Daniel Scrimgeour led the cars away at the start of the final but it was Forster who was ahead on lap two. Moodie was on a charge and he was quickly on the move as he carved his way through the field.

Moodie was ahead before the half distance and then proceeded to drive away before going on to an easy win. Burgoyne ended as runner-up with Dawson in third place.

Despite a lot of oil being dropped on the track, Burgoyne went through to win the Grand National from Dawson and Garry Sime.

The first saloon race of the night was the final of their white/yellow challenge series and Kyle Irvine went through to win from Chisholm and Triggs.

Heat one saw Stuart Shevill Jnr go through to win from Stevie Honeyman and Gordon Alexander with Irvine in seventh place.

Chisholm then led heat two for most of the time, to win from Robin Copland and Neil McLaughlin.

Chisholm and McCombie had turns in the lead when the final started, but the red grade drivers were in good form and they soon began to work their way through the field. Towards the end of the race, Shevill Jnr forced his way into the lead before going on to win from Irvine.