Brothers Ryan and Sean are just ace over Leven Links

Some friendly sibling rivalry on the golf course led to two brothers each bagging an ace - just one day after the other.
Ryan WhiteRyan White
Ryan White

Ryan White and Sean O’Neil were out playing over Leven Links last weekend when they scored their hole in ones during weekend medal competitions on Saturday and Sunday.

Firstly Ryan scored his on the fifth before his brother ensured a share of the bragging rights on the 15th just 24 hours later.

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And the unique feat was enjoyed by everyone in the clubhouse, with the brothers more than happy to make sure the tradition of getting the drinks in after scoring a hole in one was respected.

Sean O'NeilSean O'Neil
Sean O'Neil

Ryan said: “Everybody thought he was joking when he put it up on Facebook on the Sunday.

“I had waited until after my round before saying I had a hole in one and then Sean did the same on the Sunday so everyone was messaging saying ‘anything you can do, Ryan, he can do better!”

It was a family affair on the course, with Ryan being followed in the group behind by brother James, himself an accomplished golfer, and cousin Lee.

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The hole in one was Ryan’s third in total, his second at Leven, and he insists that for brother Sean his ace was his first.

“It’s his first official one,” explained Ryan.

“We go on about this a lot, he had one down in Preston but it was with a provisional ball - so he got a hole in one, but for a par.

“So that was his first ‘one for a one’ if you like.”

Those scoring a hole in one can rightly take the acclaim of their playing partners - but can also expect a hefty bar tab afterwards.

It’s tradition in the sport that those awaiting back in the clubhouse are all treated to a drink by the player.

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“Because my one was a Saturday medal the club is insured and you get given a £150 bar voucher,” said Ryan.

“But that’s only on a Saturday and only on a medal - so I made sure everybody got a good skelp at that!

“I left at six o’clock as full as you like.

“I put a bottle of gin up as well and that was gone in a day.

“Sean put a bottle up on the Sunday as well, and that was gone pretty fast.”

Ryan was quick to get back out and play the course again this week, but sadly couldn’t repeat his ace.

“My shot at it wasn’t too bad, I left it short but still got a two,” he said.

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