Cupar get the season off to an impressive start

The Cupar swimmers made a aplsh at the first meet of the new season.
The Cupar swimmers made a aplsh at the first meet of the new season.

A large team of Cupar and District swimmers travelled to Bathgate for the Dunedin Challenge, the first meet of the season.

The competition started well with the 50m breaststroke.

All the girls entering, Caera Baillie, Anna Black, Hannah Staal, Ella McGeorge and Helen Black, achieved personal bests (PBs).

For the boys event, Liam Black, Oliver and Ptolemy Goad, Euan Gray and Nairn Watson also secured their fastest ever times, with Euan and Nairn winning silver and bronze medals respectively.

The 100m breaststroke also saw medals for Euan (gold), Liam and Ella (both bronze), and a PB for Max Muir.

Only the girls braved the 200m distance with Ella winning silver and Milli Arkwright bronze, both with PBs.

Helen also secured a new fastest time and Elisabeth Koenig got her first accredited time for the event.

In Backstroke, Hannah, Ella, Helen, Euan, Liam, Max, Ptolemy and Oliver all swam their fastest ever 50m races, with Euan and Oliver picking up silver and gold medals respectively.

Oliver also took a gold in the 100m, and Max and Ptolemy got PBs in the same event.

In the 200m distance, Liam secured both a silver medal and a PB.

In Butterfly, the 50m was successful generating PBs for all the boys who entered, with Andrew Sanderson winning silver, Oliver a gold, Max and Ptolemy taking more than five and 13 seconds off their previous times.

Francesca Hewitt, swimming in her first away gala gained secured her first accredited Butterfly time. In the 100m Butterfly, Andrew and Oliver also won bronze medals.

In the 50m Freestyle, Caera, Hannah and Helen all swam PBs with Maisie Watson also putting in a very strong performance.

Andrew, Max and Ptolemy also swam PBs and Oliver took a silver medal at the same distance. In the 100m, Liam took bronze and Oliver took another silver with Max, Ptolemy and Elisabeth making impressive reductions in their PBs.

Caera went on to also swim the 200m distance and was rewarded with a PB of more than 9 seconds.

The 100m Individual Medley (IM) saw Caera achieve another PB, with Lauren McQuilton and Elisabeth also performing strongly.

Euan and Liam completed their medal hauls with a silver and bronze respectively, plus PBs.

In the 200m IM, Hannah took 6 seconds off her PB.

A club spokesman paid tribute to the efforts of the swimmers in difficult contidions, saying: “As this was the hottest weekend in August, the temperature in the pool was oppressive but everyone enjoyed themselves and the opportunity to stay over and socialise made the experience a great time.”