Difficult for drivers at rain-soaked Cowdenbeath Racewall

Ross Watters in his saloon at Cowdenbeath.Ross Watters in his saloon at Cowdenbeath.
Ross Watters in his saloon at Cowdenbeath.
It was a dismal night in the rain at the Cowdenbeath Racewall on Saturday.

The heavens opened about an hour prior to the start to the meeting the rain was still falling when the meeting ended.

The track was wet and greasy and there were puddles forming on the pit bend.

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The drivers as a result were running as close to the wall as possible in an effort to get the grip and as a result there were numerous cars who bounced off the wall as the got a bit too close to the wall!

There were some exciting races with Rachel Kidd winning the Scrutineers trophy, Eck Cunningham the Allan Cuthill Memorial trophy and Marc Dalgarno winning the 2 Litre Banger Scottish Championship. Mirran Adams’ meeting turned out to be a short one when she was caught up in a shunt and rolled her car on the opening lap.

There were a couple of visitors with John Hogg making a welcome return to the Formula IIs and Adam O’Dell a surprise visitor in the Saloons.

The main point of interest in the Formula IIs was the race for the track points championship with Stevie Forster just a couple of points ahead of Craig Wallace whilst in fourth place was Steven Burgoyne who was just thirty-one points adrift.

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Local drivers in action were Gregor Turner (Dunfermline), Craig and Paul Reid (Cowdenbeath) and Gordon Moodie (Windygates).

The opening Formula II heat saw Turner lead from Peter Watt but as the race progressed it was Stevie Foster who was making the moves and was making inroads through the field although Craig Wallace was in close order.

Just after the half distance Forster hit the front and he went through to win from Wallace and Moodie with Turner fifth. P. Reid eighth and C. Reid tenth.

Heat two again saw Turner the early leader again from Watt but this time it was Moodie who was leading the chase. Moodie hit the front and eased away from the field with Chris Burgoyne getting ahead of Wallace.

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Whilst Moodie was first home he was penalised for too good a start and dropped two places with C. Burgoyne declared the winner from Wallace and Moodie and Turner with P. Reid seventh and C. Reid tenth.

The final saw Turner again make the better of the starts to lead from Watt and Craig Reid but again whilst Paul Reid was in fifth place he was soon to be caught by Moodie who had Wallace in close order.

Grip was hard to find but Moodie was making inroads and he was soon through into the lead. Wallace quickly followed through into second whilst Forster and C. Burgoyne were making up ground and running just ahead of Steven Burgoyne.

As the laps dwindled Moodie was clear and went through to win from Wallace and Forster with Turner eighth and just ahead of P. Reid. Moodie was presented with his trophy by birthday boy Archie Shand.

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Wallace then went on to win the Grand National from Forster and John Hogg with P. Reid eighth and just ahead of C. Reid.

Local drivers in the Saloons were Ross Watters (Kennoway). with Andrew M Kyle Irvine (Glenrothes), Gary Paterson (Saline) and Eck Cunningham (Leven) with Andrew Mathieson (Lochgelly) returning after being missing for a few weeks.

The opening heat was led off by Gary Paterson but on the opening lap Holly Glen hit a problem and retired. Graeme Anderson moved ahead of Cunningham and then set off the leader although Cunningham was running in close order.

Watters was making light of the conditions and was making up ground quickly on those ahead. Anderson and Cunningham moved ahead of Paterson but by now Watters was flying and as the laps dwindled so too did the gap to the leaders.

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Watters dived inside of Cunningham and then reeled in Anderson finally taking the lead on the penultimate lap to win.

Anderson held on to second spot with Cunningham in third with Irvine fifth and ahead of Paterson.

Paterson led the field away when heat two started but after a few laps he was relegated to third as Anderson and Cunningham overtook.

Watters made a good start, it turned out to be too good for the Steward, and was soon closing in on those ahead.

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Anderson and Cunningham were having a good battle for the lead but again over the closing stages Watters overtook both to be first home.

However he was penalised a couple of places with the win going to Anderson from Irvine with Watters in third and Cunningham seventh.

The final was for the Allan Cuthill Memorial trophy with Paterson lead the cars away although he was slowly being caught by Cunningham who had Anderson glued to his back bumper.

The leaders circulated in that order for a few laps and were pulling away from the field. Watters who was running ahead of Kyle Irvine wasn’t making as much progress this time as he was in previous laps.

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Paterson spun and restarted then Jack Beresford and Tam Rutherford Jnr tangled although both restarted. Watters was beginning to reel in the leading duo and as they started the last lap he was a few laps adrift.

Going into the pit bend he lunged at the leading duo with his car running around the wall and full speed. Cunningham was just clear and went through to win with Watters just getting second place by a narrow margin from Anderson and Irvine with Paterson seventh.

Cunningham was presented with his trophy by Saloon legend Keith Jarman who received a warm round of applause on the victory lap.

Local drivers in the Ministox were Mirran Adams (Lochgelly), Rian Mitchell (Kirkcaldy), Jay Carruthers (Kirkcaldy), Jake Wilson (Lochgelly), Scott Allardyce (Anstruther) and Jay Paterson (Saline).

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Their first heat was stopped right away after Adams rolled her car and whilst Lucy Millar was the early leader the race saw blue graders Rachel Kidd, Ethan Jack Gemmell and Sam Cavanagh dice for the win.

In the end Kidd went through to win from Cavanagh and Gemmell with Mitchell fifth and just ahead of Paterson and Allardyce ninth.

Heat two saw Paterson carve his way through the pack to win while Wilson was spun with Charlie Hardie claiming second spot with Allardyce third, Mitchell fifth whilst Wilson recovered to finish ninth.

Hardie was an early casualty when the final started with Millar making a good start and was soon running clear of the chasing pack which was led by Cavanagh.

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Millar led until the closing stages when she lost out to Kidd and Cavanagh. However Millar was running with back markers and she ended up being clipped and spun although she restarted she was down the order. In the end Kidd won the Scrutineers Cup from Paterson and Cavanagh and Mitchell with Wilson sixth and just ahead of Allardyce.

The Bangers drivers were racing for their Scottish Championship in anything but good conditions.

When the race started Marc Dalgarno was the early leader from Ryan Martin whilst Jamie Sangster spun but restarted.

The cars were finding it difficult to get traction with the leading duo soon to be caught by Callum Campbell.

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As the leaders drifted wide on the pit bend Campbell went from third into the lead but on the exit from the turnstile bend was sent spinning out of the race.

Dalgarno then moved back in front but couldn’t shake off Martin and in the end it was a narrow win over Martin with Sean McConnachie third.

Martin went on to win the first heat with Dalgarno the second.

Dalgarno then won the final from McConnachie then the Destruction Derby after some pretty hefty head on crashes.

Next week the Formula IIs return along with the Prostock, Prostock Basics and the Micro F2s with the usual 6pm start.

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