Dominance from Falkland Trail Runners

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Falkland Trail Runners had four runners in the top six places in the Templeton Woods Six Mile Trail Race.

There was a strong representation of Skwerls with the race being one of their counting events for their club championship.

Both Bryan Innes and Chris Russell reached podium places finishing second and third behind winner Mark Bell Dundee Road Runners.

Dave Clark and Jamie Lessells finished fifth and sixth with only four seconds seperating the pair.

Leading FTR female was Hailey Marshall who finished 20th overall and fourth in the female category. She was followed home by Susanne Lumsden and Louise Lessells.

Leading FTR results: 2nd Bryan Innes 38.26, 3rd Chris Russell 38.31, 5th Dave Clark 38.49, 6th Jamie Lessells 38.53, 14th Gordon Laing 41.06, 18th Bryan Lessells 41.56, 20th & 4th F Hailey Marshall 42.29, 21st Andy Harley 42.35, 23rd Mike Murdoch 42.51, 25th Kevin Murray 42.57, 26th & 7th F Susanne Lumsden 43.02, 34th Iain Simpson 43.44, 36th Gordon Coull 44.20, 46 Loise Lessells 46.28, 50th Caroline Haddow 45.35,65th Mike Alcock 50.53, 66th Alan Gardener 50.59, 76 Russ Valentine 52.49, 84th Gillian Ireland 54.05, 80th David Pease 54.32, 87th Emma Lessells 54.43, 89th Alison McDonald 55.00, 91st Alison Marven 55.20, 93rd Peter Rieu-Clarke 55.27, 94th Vicky Ward 55.28, 108th Rosemary Lee 58.08,119th Jim Close 61.27.