Fife AC back on the Tour of Fife

Jen Spence on her way to winning the Kirkcaldy Mile Time Trial. (Pic: William Law)
Jen Spence on her way to winning the Kirkcaldy Mile Time Trial. (Pic: William Law)

Fife AC’s popular Tour of Fife was back, with 133 runners from across the country completing each of the five races and a further 23 runners completing at least one of the races.

The gruelling challenge consists of five races across five days: the beach race at East Sands, the hill race at East Lomond, the mile time trial at the Kirkcaldy promenade, the 5k road race in Glenrothes and the trail race at Falkland Estate.

There was a closely fought battle between Ben Hukins of Ronhill Cambuslang and local favourite Alistair Gudgin of Fife AC. Alistair won the beach race, the mile and the 5k road race but Ben won the hill race and the trail race by big enough margins to take the overall title in 1.44.21.

Local junior Craig Morris ran well over the five consecutive races to finish third.

Jen Spence was the runaway winner in the women’s race, winning each of the five races and finishing an impressive 13th overall in 2.00.22. PH Racing Club’s Alison McGill was second while Fife AC’s Morgan Windram-Geddes was third.

Top 20 results were as follows:

1 Ben Hukins (Ronhill Cambuslang) 1.44.21

2 Alistair Gudgin (Fife AC) 1.48.34

3 Craig Morris (Fife AC) 1.49.16

4 Paul Kiernan (PH Racing) 1.49.24

5 Chris Earl (Dundee RR) 1.52.51

6 Chris Russell (Fife AC) 1.53.51

7 Kevin Wallace (Fife AC) 1.57.29

8 Jonathan Campbell (Pitreavie AAC) 1.58.27

9 Michael Sanderson (Fife AC) 1.58.29

10 Willie Rennie (PH Racing) 1.59.06

11 Jamie Lessels (Falkland Trail Runners) 1.59.48

12 George McKinley (Dundee RR) 2.00.09

13 Jen Spence (Fife AC) 2.00.22

14 David Downey (Dunblane Runners) 2.00.52

15 Lee O’Connor (Dundee RR) 2.01.06

16 Alison McGill (PH Racing) 2.01.48

17 James Hall (Fife AC) 2.03.12

18 Daniel Hale (Dundee Hawkhill) 2.03.16

19 Christopher McKiddie (Westerlands CCC) 2.03.50

20 Henrik Van Rensburg (Fife AC) 2.03.58

Full results can be found on the Fife AC website.