Gordon Moodie races to final victory number 450

Gordon Moodie in his formula II.
Gordon Moodie in his formula II.

There was a healthy turn out of cars in all the formulae at the Cowdenbeath Racewall on Saturday night but the weather didn’t play ball and the drivers had to combat some driving rain showers from time to time.

The BriSCA Formula II drivers were contesting a World Championship qualifying round with the home drivers coming out on top in all of the races.

Gordon Moodie, who won the final, chalked up his 450th final win.

Amongst the other drivers at the track for the Formula II World Championship qualifying round were Ross Rowe, Craig Driscoll, Martin Ford, Ben Lockwood and Rob Mitchell whilst Chris Burgoyne had switched from Pinto to Zetec power.

It turned out to be an all in format with a public draw within grades for the final.

The drivers, including Moodie, were left to ponder what the elements were going to throw at them when they lined up for heats.

Right at the start to heat one Turner was spun and before he could restart he was hit by Dennis Middler, who had been sent bouncing off the wall with his car shedding a wheel in the process.

Shortly after the restart Blair Anderson and Ryan Farquhar tangled suspending the race.

C. Reid led them off but was soon overtaken by Garry Sime who then dominated the race going on to win from Daniel Scrimgeour and Chris Burgoyne with Moodie in seventh and C. Reid ninth.

Heat two had not long started before Pete Davidson got clipped whilst running in a group of cars and spun with the front end of his car suffering damage.

Once the race restarted Turner and Martin Ford tangled on the main straight and then a few laps later Liam Rennie and Sime tangled and spun on the main straight suspending the race.

Things got underway again and Scrimgeour managed to make a break before going through to win from Middler and Robbie Dawson with Moodie in fifth.

Reid led the final away from Driscoll but Middler was an early casualty.

Moodie had made a good start and had quickly worked his way through the superstar drivers as he made quick work of working through the pack.

But when Rowe crashed heavily into the turnstile bend wall the race was suspended.

Rennie had just got himself the lead and whilst he got away well on the restart he had to give best to Moodie who, after taking the lead, eased away from the field to secure the landmark victory.

In the end Moodie went through to win from Rennie and Euan Millar with P. Reid in eighth and just ahead of Turner

Rennie then won the Grand National from Scrimgeour and Craig Wallace.