Group hopes to build on curling interest

Springfield's Jim GalesSpringfield's Jim Gales
Springfield's Jim Gales
Springield’s Jim Gales hopes the increased interest in curling, thanks to Team GB’s Winter Olympics performance, can boost participation.

Team GB returned earlier this week following successful efforts on the ice where the women’s side won gold and the men’s silver.

The squads have appeared on national TV and news shows since then and have captured the imaginations of the public.

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Gales hopes to see a benefit of this at the Scottish Disability Golf and Curling group he formed and is inviting anyone, of any age, with any type of disability to join them and give the sport a try.

“We want to use the great publicity generated by the three teams at the Winter Olympics and bring in new people to the game,” he said.

"Curling is a great sport and playing or competing in the game is not a barrier for anyone with a disability.

"We have curlers with all levels of physical, sensory and intellectual problems and they get opportunities to play locally, nationally and internationally.”

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Promising good curling and a great atmosphere, the group is inviting disabled people to join them on the ice at one of their regular sessions during the season, where curling lessons, practice and games are organised weekly.

Membership of the SDGC is free and all curling games an competitions are heavily subsidised by the group.

The group even supplies safety and curling equipment for its members.

For more information visit, search Facebook at “Scott Golfencurl” or Twitter @thesdgc

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