Kirkcaldy’s Jen makes business case to play hockey for Scotland

Kirkcaldy’s Jen Callaghan will soon be off to The Netherlands after being selected to represent Scotland in the 2019 European Hockey Masters Championships.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 22nd May 2019, 11:58 am
Jen Callaghan in training for the European Hockey Masters Championships. (Pic by Allana Willox)
Jen Callaghan in training for the European Hockey Masters Championships. (Pic by Allana Willox)

The 41-year-old continues her national representation at Masters level and is looking for local businesses to sponsor her efforts.

Jen, who works as a learning support teacher at Bell Baxter High School, plays for Dunfermline Carnegie Hockey Club and was thrilled to represent her country once again at the highest level.

But she needs to cover a multitude of costs including access to top-level training, accommodation and travel.

“If there’s any local businesses out there who can lend a hand then I’d be really grateful,” said the midfielder, who’s been selected for the second year in a row.

“Being part of the Scottish Masters is inspiring. It was always a dream of mine to represent my country at some sport or other,” she said.

“I was always good, but not quite good enough to make the cut. In my 40th year I finally accomplished one of my dreams - one that I thought had passed me by.

“It is always special to represent your country and test yourself against the top players in the world.”

To make the team mum-of-two Jen has had to commit to a fitness programme, attend extensive training sessions and be part of an 18-strong squad assembled from all over Scotland.

Last month she played weekend warm up matches against a North of England select in Durham.

Scotland fell behind in the first game on Saturday but Alana Willox equalised to settle the game at 1-1, whilst a Suzanne Laing goal gave Scotland a 1-0 win the following day.

Jen will now look forward to the Home Nations in London in June. Then it’s off to Rotterdam in July for the European Championships where the team have been drawn against The Netherlands and Wales.

She added: “I love the fact that once a member of Scottish Masters it feels like you are part of a family.

“You’re connected by the love of the sport.”