Levenmouth racers rise to the world challenge

Ross Watters (Leven)- fifth in the UK Open Championship
Ross Watters (Leven)- fifth in the UK Open Championship

The two litre saloon world final was the feature race at The Racewall on Saturday night and whilst Diggy Smith led the race from start to finish it was not a runaway win.

Not only did he have to fend off a few challenges but he had to combat changing weather as well.

There were some multi-car shunts in all their races whilst Paul Honeyman and Ryan Wadling had to be assisted out of their cars after taking heavy knocks.

On Sunday Smith appeared with the gold roof but it was to be Marc Honeyman’s day as he went on to win the Raymond Gunn Memorial trophy.

The first saloon race of the night gridded 28 cars and as expected there was no shortage of action with a few drivers seeing their chances of world final success disappear.

Fifers Eck Cunningham, Raymond Dick and Andrew Mathieson were on the grid for the last chance qualifying race with Paul Honeyman leading the field away but within a lap the race was stopped after a shunt had left Robin Copland’s car stranded.

Stuart Shevill Jnr was quickly on the move and he was soon making up ground quickly going through to win from Santry, P. Honeyman, Graeme Anderson, A, Mathieson and Scott Greenslade who all took their places on the back of the world final grid but Cunningham and Dick failed to finish in the results.

The cars then lined up on the grid for their Gilmore Engineering/Motorsport with Attitude World Championship Final.

Ross Watters, Kyle Irvine and Euan Mathieson had been seeded onto the grid.

Smith made the better of the starts with Barry Russell slotting in behind and his early bid for the lead saw the Smith car bounce off the wall,

Irvine was caught up in a spin and retired with the defending World Champion Max Stott another early casualty.

Watters was making up ground but so too was Shevill Jnr who quickly got into the top ten.

Cars were dropping out but Smith was clear of Russell and starting to lap back markers.

Then on lap 12 the race complex changed after P. Honeyman crashed heavily into the wall and was then picked up by the pack and needed assistance out of his car.

Not only did Smith have the field line up behind him but it started to rain- heavily! The restart didn’t last long and when Brad Compton-Sage’s car shed a wheel the race was again suspended. The field again lined up behind Smith and this time Russell made another heavy challenge which Smith managed to survive.

Smith held on to go through to win the World Championship receiving a roar as he crossed the line to win a title he last held in 2000, Russell was second with Watters third.