Marathon effort in Kirkcaldy's twin town

Six Kirkcaldy athletes have returned from Kirkcaldy's twin town of Ingolstadt after running as invited guests in the Ingolstadt Half Marathon 2022.

By Sports Reporter
Monday, 9th May 2022, 3:29 pm
Robert main (left) with the Kirkcaldy runners in Ingolstadt.
Robert main (left) with the Kirkcaldy runners in Ingolstadt.

The group of six were led by Robert Main, Chair of Kirkcaldy Ingolstadt Association.

He said: "It was a real pleasure for a group from Kirkcaldy and for me personally to be back in Ingolstadt after two long challenging years.

"Our Ingolstadt hosts were delighted to welcome us back to their City being the first twin town group to visit for over two years, particularly in an exceptional year when the Kirkcaldy Ingolstadt Twinning link celebrates its 60th Anniversary on September 3, 2022."

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The presentation of the commemorative t-shirt with Ingolstadt and Kirkcaldy athletes.

In recognition of the celebratory year the six Kirkcaldy athletes ran under the team name ‘Kirkcaldy-Ingolstadt 60Jahre’.

To mark the occasion each group member were presented with a commemorative t-shirt by the Ingolstadt Deputy Provost, Dr. Dorothea Deneke -Stoll.

The six Kirkcaldy athletes – David Morton, Susan Harley, Colin Simpson, Greg Turner, Heather Finlayson and Graeme Syme – participated with just over 1400 other runners with all Kirkcaldy runners crossing the finishing line succesfully in commendable times over a route that highlighted the many landmark sites of Ingolstadt.

There times were; Colin Simpson: 1.34.02: 15th place in Seniors M50, Greg Turner: 1.39.19: 22nd place in Seniors M45, Graeme Syme: 1.43.13: 63rd place in Seniors M35, Dave Morton: 1.43.20: 54th place in Seniors M40, Heather Finlayson: 1.59.35: 6th place in Seniors W55 and Susan Harley: 2.04.40: 18th place in Seniors W50.

The athletes with their medals after the race.

Beyond the Half Marathon run, the group enjoyed a fully organised programme including a day trip to Munich and a visit to the Kirkcaldy Garden at the PiusPark, the former site of the Bavarian State Horticultural Show.

The Kirkcaldy runners were overwhelmed by the hospitality, made new lasting friendships and all were content with their running times.

As part of reciprocal town twinning arrangements the runners are now looking forward to welcoming once again a group of six Ingolstadt runners to the Kirkcaldy Half Marathon that takes pace on Sunday, August 28.