Meet the first lady of Kirkcaldy Golf Club

Kirkcaldy Golf Club- Kirkcaldy - Fife -  New club captain HEATHER STUART -  credit- Fife Photo Agency
Kirkcaldy Golf Club- Kirkcaldy - Fife - New club captain HEATHER STUART - credit- Fife Photo Agency

For the first time since it was founded over a century ago, Kirkcaldy Golf Club has appointed a woman captain, and she says there are plans afoot to modernise the club.

Heather Stuart has taken on the honour and is the first female captain since the club was established in 1904.

She said: “This is part of a wider programme of change and modernisation taking place within the club, including change to the constitution to ensure it is a progressive and inclusive club which reflects modern society.”

She said her appointment is “symbolic” of the direction the club is taking, but that it is “not the main driver” in the decision.

“I am part of a great team and it is my job to make sure that the interests of members is being represented,” she said.

“I will make sure everyone’s views are being represented.

“We want to be open to more players.

“We have big plans to improve the course to make it more playable and more accessible to players.”

Heather joined the club in 2009 and had no experience in the sport before then.

“I was interested in finding out about it and looking for a bit of exercise and the social aspect to the game,” she said.

Heather is from the Lang Toon, and is proud to be a part of Kirkcaldy’s golf scene.

“It’s great to be part of a club in the town I grew up in,” she added.

“It’s a great course to play on.

“It’s a part of the community and we want to make sure it is even more so in the future.

“The club and the sport has a lot to offer people so we want to highlight and celebrate that.”

She was previously the captain of the ladies section and was club vice-captain for a year before being nominated for the new role by her predecessor.

She praised the committee for its forward-thinking attitude, highlighting their keenness to invite new people to try the sport to ensure that the club remains sustainable.

And she is looking to forge links with local schools so that young people can see the positive health, social and fun aspects that the sport has to offer.

Kirkcaldy Golf Club was formed in 1904 with the help of St Andrews golfer ‘Old’ Tom Morris, and was the last course he designed before his death in 1908.