Oil slick causes havoc at the Racewall

Leven's Eck Cunningham
Leven's Eck Cunningham

Happily the weather forecast proved to be wrong and the drivers and spectators were relieved that no rain fell during Saturday night’s stock car racing at the Cowdenbeath Racewall.

However the track was still a bit wet and when a liberal coating of oil was dropped then things got pretty treacherous for the drivers especially the new faces in the orostock basics.

Kenneth Scollon made his 2 litre saloon debut whist Eck Cunningham was having his first outing of the season.

After being shunted over the fence last week at King’s Lynn Barry Russell this time managed to keep all four wheels on the track.

Simon Morris was back in the ORCi Stock Rods whilst Jack Robertson made his debut in the Prostock Basics a winning one.

The two litre saloons returned to the track after a few being down at King’s Lynn for their European Championship and the World Ranking points will make a difference to some of the standings for the World Final at the Racewall.

At this stage pole goes to Diggy Smith with Deane Mayes alongside but lurking behind are Russell and Graeme Shevill on row two.

There is still time for the grid to change - hopefully with a Scottish driver on the front row.

Local drivers in the saloons were Raymond Dick (Glenrothes), Ross Watters (Leven) and Alex Cunningham (Leven).

The first heat was led off by Brian Hogg Jnr but making a fast start was Kevin Letford who forced his way through into the lead early on.

Robin Copland moved into second with James Letford in third spot.

As the race progressed Paul Honeyman began to catch the leading group but as the flag dropped K. Letford was ahead of Copland with P. Honeyman just getting the better of J. Letford for third with Watters seventh.

Hogg Jnr was the early leader when heat two started from Raymond Dick but K Letford was soon through into third and then began to close in on the leaders.

Watters and Russell were dicing but managing work their way through the field and towards the close had caught the leaders.

The last two laps were hectic but K Letford managed to hang on to pick up his second win of the night when he finished ahead of Watters and Russell with Dick tenth.

Hogg Jnr got the final underway but next time around Dick was the leader but again K Letford was quickly closing the gap and when he did take the lead he was looking for a hat trick.

However both J Letford and Hogg Jnr’s car stopped and the race was suspended.

The field closed up behind K. Letford who led the field away but he was forced wide and it was Russell who led from P Honeyman and Watters.

Things began to heat up as Russell was forced wide slowing P Honeyman to lead from Watters but next time around Watters was leading.

K Letford was sent spinning but at the front Watters forced his way back into lead and through to win narrowly from P Honeyman and Tam Rutherford Jnr snatching third on the last lap.

The race rounded off what was a thrilling night at the Fife track.

And fans won’t have to wait long for another instalment of thrilling race action, with drivers arriving again this Saturday.

At the weekend the formula II drivers return and they are backed by the 1300cc saloons, the two litre banger drivers and the prostock basics. The 1300cc saloon drivers have another round of their Gold Roof Series to contest with the action starting at 6.00pm