Our Steve can’t wait to get under starter’s orders again

Cupar’s Steve Gunby is a self employed electrician but at present he is confined to domestic duties around the house under the watchful eye of his wife Suzanne.
Cupar's Steve GunbyCupar's Steve Gunby
Cupar's Steve Gunby

But the Fife Racewall regular has his wife to thank for getting him involved in the sport, her dad Andy Duff a former stock rod racer himself. In an interview with our reporter Jim Turner, Steve looks back on his years in motorsport.

His first car was prepared for the track by Andy and Simon Laing and since then he hasn’t looked back.

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“By the time we had it ready to race we had missed the practice sessions so I found myself thrown in literally at the deep end. It’s hard to believe that was three years ago,” he said.

“I remember my first race all too well.

“That night it snowed.

“Bearing in mind that I had never raced before and, being a novice, I was able to start my first race from the back of the grid. I found that there was a slight problem with the gears and I struggled with the clutch.

“However I started the warm up lap and when the green flag dropped I put my foot down and spun on the opening lap.

“I was able to restart but half way through the race I was sent spinning and I crashed into the wall backwards and left facing the oncoming traffic.

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“They got the car ready for the next heat but I wasn’t all that keen to go back out but I was gently persuaded to.

“Funnily the car felt a lot better after that.

“I managed to finish the second heat as well as the final and that certainly boosted my confidence. It was certainly a whole different ball game from spectating from the stand. Mind you my kids Connor, Tyler, Nathan and Amber are there each time I race to cheer me on.”

After his initial jitters, Steven settled into life on the track as his confidence grew.

But some car troubles with his new Corsa C threw a spanner in the works as a series of issues plagued him until eventually they were worked through.

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“When the European came along I was pleased with the all round performance of the car,” added the local driver.

“Through the heats I managed to qualify for the championship race which had been one of my targets. I had a good race and did finish but I wasn’t in the top ten. I was really pleased. I felt that I had been going well.”

“When the Scottish came around I drew second place on the grid so I started from the front row outside. I did run in second place for a few laps but the car was misfiring so I pulled out.

“I missed the heat which followed but when we fitted a carburettor that James Gray gave me, the car fired up and ran without missing.

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“I lined up for the second heat and the car without a problem and I went on to pick up my first ever win.

“It was an amazing feeling when I saw the chequer flag. I was really pleased to get my trophy and then take my victory lap. Despite the misfire earlier it turned out to be a memorable meeting from me.

“I have tidied up the car during the close season and have managed to lighten it a bit.

“I still have about a day’s work to do to it is ready for racing – whenever that might be. I get sponsorship from SEiS which is the St Andrews Electrical and iSolar Systems – my firm, Nydie Caravan Site, EJB Autocare and Jason Law Fabrications.”

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