Puncture blows Gordon Moodie's Scottish championship hopes

It was a hectic weekend, if nothing else, for Windygates track star Gordon Moodie.

Monday, 28th June 2021, 11:06 am
Gordon Moodie suffered a puncture at the Racewall during a weekend of ups and downs. Stock image

The local racer was in action in both the Kingdom and further afield, competing at the Cowdenbeath Racewall and the Crimond Raceway in Aberdeenshire.

On Saturday, Crimond staged the formula II world championship qualifying rounds.

The opening heat saw Stevie Forster go through to win from Liam Rennie and Moodie.

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The final was stopped early after Moodie and Robbie Dawson tangled with the latter stuck in the wall.

After the restart Martin Ford went on to win.

The formula II drivers then headed to the Cowdenbeath Racewall for a Sunday afternoon meeting.

The drivers were racing in their second world championship qualifying round with the final also doubling up as the Scottish championship, where Moodie was the defending champion.

The opening heat had an exciting finish when Moodie got ahead of Reid going into the pit bend only for Reid to get the better drive and he went through to win with Chris Burgoyne third.

The cars lined up for their Scottish championship in a drawn grid and, after their warm up lap, it was White who led the pack away.

Ward was shunted around the top bend wall whilst on the pit bend Peter Watt and McGill tangled with the McGill car perched against the wall.

The race was suspended and the grid reformed.

White again led before Moodie pulled out with a puncture.

White got the race restarted and he was soon to come under pressure as Forster moved into second and then the lead.

Almost immediately Forster began to ease away from the field with White in second.

Rennie was making headway through the field with Chris Burgoyne in tow.

Slowly but surely the gap began to close.

At half distance Forster was still ahead but Rennie was now in second and slowly closing.

C Burgoyne then dived inside Forster with two laps to go and celebrated when the chequer flag appeared with a power drift to the line.

Reid then won the grand national from Moodie and Rennie.