SLM lift Caley Shield title

St Leonard's Madras SLM U18S
St Leonard's Madras SLM U18S

St Leonard’s/ Madras (SLM) U18 travelled to Perth on Sunday for their season finale a match against Granite City in the Caledonian Shield final.

For some of the boys this was the end of a journey that has lasted over 10 years of playing together.

The local players were determined to go out on a high, and that’s exactly what they did.

It was a match worthy of final status, with both sides playing their best rugby on the day.

The game flowed from end to end.

A spokesman for SLM said: “What a finale it was every member of the squad giving 100 per cent, it was total rugby, it was awesome and a privilege for the 100s of spectators to watch.”

After a close first half SLM cut loose they attached space, their running lines were sublime, their offloads were perfect and the set piece immense.

Scoring was high but SLM managed to keep their opponents at arm’s reach.

As the game reached its closing stages SLM started to edge away and went on to seal what was a terrific victory.

SLM were finally victorious 55-26.

Tries on the day came from SLM’s Maurice Batiuluna (brace), Hector Long, Harry Dunstan, Gregor Stirling, Avi Nailatica, Callum McKinney, Harry Mercer and Angus Kennovin.