Waid 66-19 Montrose

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Montrose ............................19

It was a bright start for Waid at home to league rivals Montrose and District in the Regional Bowl tournament on Saturday.

Just seven minutes into the match Mark Guthrie took a clean catch at a lineout near the opposition line.

Nobody challenged him and he had enough presence of mind to drive through their defence and score.

Conversion was made by Dylan Muir.

A few minutes later Muir hoisted a delightful kick high and over the defence and it was beautifully fielded by Callum Dunn who beat the final defender to the ball and ran on to score.

The conversion was added again by Muir.

It was that man Muir again who scored Waid’s third try with a run from Waid’s 10 metre line to score the try and extra two points.

Waid scored a fourth try when Robert Smith worked hard to steal the ball and allowed Adam Shaw to weave his way past the opposition to score.

Muir again converted.

At this point, Waid got a bit too confident and from a quick tap penalty Montrose scored.

With half time looming, Dylan Muir who took a quick tap penalty another try and scored but no conversion.

4 minutes into the second half, debutant Edward Adamson scored the first of his three tries on the day.

Starting with a strong run down the wing, the youngster was stopped but presented the ball well for the support and then got himself back into position to take the ball a second time and get past the defence and touch down.

Shortly after that, Muir hoisted another kick and another first time player, Scott Titterton, caught it before the opposition and fed Kato Berg-Blockley and in turn he passed to Adam Shaw score again.

Conversion by Muir. Montrose hit right back, however, and took advantage of a Waid player going without support to turn over the ball and score.

It was Edward Adamson who extended the lead again after the backs combined well to allow space for him to get under the posts and touch down, Muir converting.

Opponents Montrose were not for giving up and slack tackling by Waid allowed them to get over to score before Edward Adamson scored his hat trick.

Niall Hutchison saw space down the blind side and caused mayhem with the visitors’ defence and then when the forwards secured the ball, the ball was sent quickly through the hands of all of the Waid backs to give the youngster space to score his third try, which was again converted by Muir.

Not to be outdone by the youngster, Adam Shaw made his way back over the line to equal Edwards scoring feat, again converted by Adam himself.

It was Montrose who closed the scoring off, however, proving that they were not giving up.