Wait goes on for unlimited banger win

It has been 25 years since a Scottish driver last won the unlimited banger meeting at the Cowdenbeath Racewall.
Fife driver Lee Clark's limoFife driver Lee Clark's limo
Fife driver Lee Clark's limo

Sadly, following the popular meeting over the weekend, that wait will continue for at least another 12 months.

Among the field were some of the top names in the sport.

Cowdenbeath’s Lee Clark brought out a 27-foot long Lincoln limo but, right at the start to the race, suffered an electrical fault and was quickly sidelined.

Windygates racer Gordon MoodieWindygates racer Gordon Moodie
Windygates racer Gordon Moodie
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The four time world cup winner, Jack Overy, was another early casualty, as was Sid Madgwick.

Past winner Jason Jackson was sent bouncing off the wall by Stevo McGrath on his way to taking the title across the water, after only taking the lead during the latter half of the race.

In the saloons, the Fife drivers were playing catch up although, in the final, Glenrothes’ Kyle Irvine was reeling in the winner Barry Russell and was under a car’s length adrift at the chequered flag.

It turned out to be another almost in the allcomers race, where Kennoway’s Ross Watters was closing quickly on the leader and was not that far adrift when the race finished, although he had Irvine in close order.

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In the junior bangers, the Moore boys, Lee, Norman, Regan and Luke, were making their debuts.

Norman and Luke managed to get places but Regan and Lee weren’t as lucky, with the latter twice crashing out.

At Crimond on Sunday afternoon, Gordon Moodie, from Windygates, went through to win the formula II final.

There is a meeting this Friday which begins at 7pm.

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