Wet weather doesn’t put out fire at Cowdenbeath Racewall

It turned out to be a very wet night at the Cowdenbeath Racewall on Saturday, raining heavily by the end of the meeting.

Monday, 23rd August 2021, 3:18 pm
Trevor Harris in his Classic Hot Rod.

Despite the wet weather there was plenty of exciting racing, although there were quite a few spins due to the conditions.

The drivers coped reasonably well but the youngsters in the Micro F2s tended to struggle and there were only a couple who were brave enough to take their cars right to the wall to find the grip.

Stuart Brown, Ross Forrest and Bryan Lindsay were making their first appearance at the Racewall this year but there was news that Jordan Cassie has sold his car.

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The fans were getting their first chance to see Kyle Irvine with the European Chequers on his roof.

In the Saloons Kyle Irvine (Glenrothes) and Ross Watters (Kennoway) were the local drivers in action

The first Saloon heat was a white/yellow challenge race and whilst Andy Ainslie led for a good part of the race, he was sent spinning as Johnny Wood won from Robin Copland and Logan Bruce.

The first saloon heat saw Gary Paterson take an early lead but when he spun it was left between Tam Rutherford Jnr and Zak Gilmour to fight it out.

During the closing stages Rutherford Jnr made a break to win from Watters, Gilmour and Irvine. Heat two was as actioned packed as the first with the early leader spinning leaving Wood in the lead.

Although he was being reeled in by Watters, he held on to record his second win of the night from Watters, Ian McLaughlin and Irvine.

Paterson led the field away when the Final started in driving rain.

The grip is on the outside of the track towards the wall and each lap you could hear the cars bouncing off the wall as they searched for it.

Gilmour and Rutherford Jnr were dicing for second with Watters leading the chase from the back of the grid. Towards the end of the race Gilmour, Rutherford Jnr and Watters were nose to tail and this allowed Kyle Irvine to catch them.

When the challenge did come it was Irvine who dived down on the inside and even although he was teeboned by Watters he held on.

Watters ended up spinning as Irvine quickly got back up to pace. By then Paterson was well clear and he reeled off the remaining laps to win the Turner trophy from Irvine and Gilmour.

There was another good turnout of Ministox drivers who battled against the conditions and served up plenty of action in their races.

Amongst those local racing in the Minis were Jay Paterson (Saline), Rian Mitchell (Kirkcaldy), Jake Wilson (Lochgelly), Jay Carruthers (Kirkcaldy) and Scott Allardyce (Anstruther).

The opening Ministox heat was the “Dash for the Tyre" with Madison Gilmour leading but when she lost out to Rhys Anderson, he was promptly sent spinning.

This allowed Kai Gilmour into the lead but Mitchell began to close the gap.

In the end K. Gilmour won from Mitchell and Ethan Jack Gemmell in third with Wilson seventh, Paterson ninth and Allardyce tenth.

Their next race was action packed with Anderson the initial leader but the race was stopped after Charlie Hardie was spun and left on the track.

The field lined up behind Anderson but on the restart he, M. Gilmour and Paterson spun out in unison as Rian Mitchell took the lead.

Three cars tried to exit the pit bend as one and somehow made it as Mitchell won from Lewis Clark Burgoyne and Sam Cavanagh and Allardyce.

Heat two saw Anderson an early spinner as K. Gilmour took the lead.

The race was suspended after Hardie was spun, hit a parked car with a small fire erupting under the bonnet which was quickly extinguished.

The restart was brief with M. Gilmour being sent into the wall. Once the field lined up again, Mitchell pulled away to win from Kyle Rogerson and Paterson with Allardyce in fifth place.

The final saw K. Gilmour lead but he had Mitchell in close order but making rapid progress through the field was Lewis Clark Burgoyne who was running as close to the wall as possible.

The race was suspended after Kyle Rogerson’s car stopped. On the restart Clark Burgoyne made short work of moving into the lead going through tow in from K. Gilmour and Wilson with Allardyce sixth.

Unfortunately, there were only four National Hot Rods in action in their World Championship qualifying round with John Maver unable to attend.

Roy Anderson ran away with heat one from Ross McWilliam and Marc Spence.

It looked as if Anderson was on to win heat two but his car developed a problem and this allowed McWilliam through to win from Anderson and Spence.

The rain began to fall heavily when the cars started the final.

Spence led and held off challenges from first Anderson then McWilliam. When McWilliam made his bid for the lead all three tangled but Anderson was first to restart and he went on to win the Turner Trophy from James Mooney and McWilliam.

The Classic Hot Rods were in good form although they too suffered in the wet conditions. Local drivers were Keith Chesher (Dunfermline) and Trevor Harris (Kinglassie).

The opening heat saw John Watkins then Harris lead at one time but it was Graeme Callender who took his Escort to an easy win over Kenny Purdie and Harris with Chesher in fifth place.

In heat two it was Purdie who dominated and he went on to record an easy win over Harris and Alex Wilson but Chesher retired during the closing stages of the race.

Whilst Harris led the drivers away during the final he was caught and passed first by Purdie then Callender but managed to fend off Wilson for third place.

There was a good turn out of Micro F2 drivers including local drivers Connor St Aubyn (Glenrothes).

The youngsters in the Micro F2s found life a bit difficult in the wet conditions with the leader Corey Mathers spinning on the opening lap and was then promptly collected by the pack.

Once the track was cleared Alfie Smith romped away to win from St Aubyn and Mason Howe although a spinning car brought the race to an early halt.

Smith went on to win the second heat again from St Aubyn and Howe but there were quite a few who were caught on the wet conditions and spun.

Smith then went on to make it a hat trick of wins when he again led St Aubyn and Howe home with Mia Cross being presented with the driver of the day award.

Next week at the Racewall the Formula II drivers are back in action along with the Saloons and ORCi Stock Rods.

The Heritage Formula IIs are also in action for their Scottish Championship with eleven cars already booked in.

It’s a six o’clock start but please check with the GMP website for the latest information.