Parkruns are top of the agenda during busy spell

Mother and daughter team Jacqui and Robyn McDonald.
Mother and daughter team Jacqui and Robyn McDonald.

The weekend started for a couple of Anster Haddies as it does for thousands of people across the country with a parkrun.

The club’s Bill Simpson 22.58 and N McKay 25.07 completed the St Andrews event.

Bill Simpson was back in action on Sunday taking part in the tough five mile Tufty Trail Race at Falkland.

He finished in 40.29 and was first MV60.

A large contingent of Haddies headed north at the weekend to enjoy the Loch Ness Festival of running.

The tough, undulating marathon course sees runners bused to the far end of Loch Ness, they then follow the road along the south side of the Loch all the way back into Inverness finishing by the banks of the River Ness.

Haddies finishing times were: Mike Reilly 3.09.40 distance PB, D. Hay 3.45.01 distance PB, J. Hay 3.49.24 distance PB, R. Young 3.51.56, R. McDonald 4.13.25 distance PB, K. Hay 4.17.27, A. Galloway 4.47.18, J. McDonald 5.13.05 and G. Hay 5.38.38.

As well as the marathon, a 10K also took place on Sunday.

Again, there was plenty of interest from the local club’s members.

Finishing times were: F. Cruickshanks 43.02 Distance PB, J. Galloway 1.07.28 and the amazing Octogenarian S. Chalmers 1.09.44.

Training this week is from the Waid at 6.30pm.

Sunday, September 30 is the Haddie 10K, entries open on Entry Central.

If anyone has any spare gifts, please bring to training as spot prizes for the 10K.