Patience wearing thin for frustrated coach Danny after Steelers shut-out

Danny Stewart is crowded out in front of the Steelers net
Danny Stewart is crowded out in front of the Steelers net

Back-to-back defeats put Flyers back to square one

As both player and coach of a Fife Flyers team struggling for goals, Danny Stewart is doubly frustrated.

Both on and off the ice, the 34-year-old associate player-coach is looking for answers to the team’s scoring problems.

Flyers are the lowest scorers in the Elite League this season, and have scored just two goals in their last three home games.

And after they were shut-out in their own rink by Sheffield Steelers on Saturday, Stewart admitted that patience is wearing thin.

He told the Press: “We have the potential to be a good team, but whether we have the right fit of guys who want to buy in night in, night out, I’m not sure, that’s yet to be seen.

“Leashes are getting shorter with some guys and although we’ve not jumped to make changes, it’s not because we’re scared to.

“When the time is right, if a guy is not getting the job done, and someone else comes through that will improve the team, then it’s a no-brainer.

“We need more out of some guys - a lot more - and it’s got to come sooner rather than later.”

Stewart pins Flyers goal-scoring problems on their failure to capitalise on rebounds and deflections - dirty goals as he calls them.

“Very rarely in this league are you going to beat a goalie from an original shot,” he said. “You need to get to those scoring areas around the crease.

“Whether it’s a greasy goal in front of net or a deflection - that’s the way to score goals.

“You’re not going to get tic-tac-toe goals every night.

“If you try that every time you get the puck in the zone, you’ll turn pucks over and give teams odd man rushes, and they’ll punish you.”

Flyers have had a tough start to the season with most matches so far against southern conference teams, but Stewart insists that is no excuse for results.

“We knew this first couple of months were going to be very tough for the club, but that doesn’t excuse the games where we’ve had off nights,” he said.

“We can’t just turn it on when we get to conference games, we have to be playing consistently and getting better every night.”