Plenty of thrilling action for fans at the Racewall

Windygates race ace Gordon Moodie will compete at the formula II World Final this weekend.
Windygates race ace Gordon Moodie will compete at the formula II World Final this weekend.

It turned out to be a busy night’s racing at the GMP Cowdenbeath Racewall on Saturday evening with the fans being treated to a meeting which included plenty of action.

The ministox drivers were in top form and stole the show but Gary Paterson gave everyone a fright when he rolled his car entering the back straight.

The yellow flags had just appeared and he had been dicing with Taylor Borthwick, contact was made and as a result Gary barrel rolled his car. After a bit of time he clambered out of his car shaken but unhurt.

Claire Ryan was sent crashing into the wall with her prostock basics car and later Scott Rankin’s car was wrecked when he was hit in the back by Tiffany Barron on the main straight.

Raymond Dick’s time in the saloons proved to be brief when he was sent clattering into the pit bend wall and had to retire.

Missing from the two litre National saloons was Ian McLaughlin whose wife had given birth to twins.

Fife drivers in action included Ross Watters from Leven.

Dick’s saloon meeting was short lived and he was sent crashing into the pit bend wall and out of the meeting. David Hughes won heat one from Ross Graham with Watters in third and just ahead of Irvine. There was a shunt at the start to heat two which hindered Watters, Irvine and Graeme Anderson although they all restarted at the tail of the field. Again Hughes got the better of Graham to go through to win from Graham and James Letford with Watters in seventh and Irvine eighth.

Watters went on to win the final from Irvine and Letford.

Barry Scott was having his ministox debut whilst there were quite a few drivers down from Crimond. Fife drivers in action included Scott Allerdyce (Anstruther).

Borthwick led home Charlie Folan and Stewart with Creanor in ninth place.

Again the prostock basic cars turned up in their numbers with new faces Paddy Slater and Craig Oliver joining the ranks.

There were quite a few Fife drivers in action which included Jordan Dignan (Leven).

Heat one saw Dougie Ford go through to win from Robert Grant and Jones with Barron sixth, Dignan seventh and Moyes in ninth place.

Heat two ended with Grant coming out on top and he led home Ian Sutherland, Barron and Dignan.

Ford picked up his second win of the night when he won the final.

There is no racing at the Racewall this Saturday with Gordon Moodie (Windygates) in King’s Lynn for the formula II World Final.

Moodie was down at King’s Lynn on Saturday night where he picked up a second place in the opening heat and then was the runner up in the final.