Racers have fun in the sun at the Racewall

Brian Galloway in his Prostock Basic car.
Brian Galloway in his Prostock Basic car.

On a beautiful sunny evening the ORCi Stock Rod drivers warmed up for their forthcoming ORCi Championship in a fortnight’s time with some superlative racing.

There were three visiting drivers from the south of England amongst the ranks but in the end it was the home drivers who dominated with Martin Rankine winning the heats and Cameron Doak the final.

Amongst the ORCi Stock Rod drivers in action were Levi Robertson, Adam Daniels and Ross Montgomery whilst the local drivers in action were Chris Wallace (Buckhaven) and Stuart Wedderburn (Leven).

The opening heat was won by Rankine who won from Doak and McGill with Bethune in fifth although the first five crossed the finish line nose to tail.

Heat two was stopped right away after Finlay got out of shape on the main straight and ended up perched against a tyre.

On the restart Conway was ahead for a lap before Wallace took over but he was forced wide and spun out.

Rankine took over at the front of the pack but was under pressure from Doak.

Towards the end of the heat Derek Conner joined in the fray and whilst he moved into second just couldn’t catch Rankine ho chalked up his second win of the night with Doak in third and just ahead of McGill with Bethune sixth and Wedderburn in tenth spot.

The final was a classic with close racing throughout and the result was in doubt right up to the end. Conway got the race under way but lost out to Wallace who soon had Doak and James Gray in close order. Doak dived through into the lead followed by Gray but Wallace went wide and spun suspending the race.

Doak led the field away on the restart but was struggling to shake off the attentions of Gray. As the race progressed Leon Stewart closed the gap and than a couple of laps later McGill joined the race for the lead. Doak managed to hold on to win from Gray, Stewart and McGill with Wedderburn in sixth place.

There were a few of the regular 1300 Saloon drivers missing but Michael Byers (Methil) lined up.

However Fraser Clark was capitalising on his downgrade to the blue grade and he went through to win the first heat.

Tommy Walls led the cars away when heat two started but then lost out to Wotherspoon who led until the closing stages when Clark came through to win his second heat of the night.

The final belonged to Walls who led the cars away and when the race finished was still clear of the pack. Michael Byers was sent spinning from second place which allowed Clark through although he had Ellis in close order. However when Byers tangled with another car and rolled the race was halted, Walls was the winner from Clark and Ellis with Wilson back in sixth.