Residents keen to get in on the coastal rowing act

Skiff racers Rob Durham, Andy Gillies and Dave Charles.
Skiff racers Rob Durham, Andy Gillies and Dave Charles.

A group of residents from Newport and Wormit are about to embark on a project to build a boat, and they want your help.

Organisers are keen to make the project a real community effort and hope people in the area will step forward and get involved.

An open day is taking place at Wormit Boating Club on Saturday, March 1 at 11.00a.m, where people can find out more.

Active boats from Newburgh and Anstruther will be there, giving visitors an opportunity to experience rowing on the Tay.

The boat, a St Ayles skiff, is a 22-foot vessel powered by four rowers and a cox.

Founding member, Rob Durham, said: “We were interested in getting the project off the ground after seeing some skiffs in action on the west coast, last summer.

“It looked a lot of fun and seemed to appeal to men and women equally.

“Raising money for the boat and then building it is done by members of the community.

“Getting local talent to help build the boat is an appealing prospect.

“It will no doubt be hard work but it will be manageable and very rewarding.”, Rob said

This particular type of skiff originates from Anstruther and since its launch in 2009, has seen popularity grow quickly.

There are now over 100 St Ayles skiff boats, some as far away as Holland, Canada and Australia.

The boat will have a permanent residence at Wormit Boating Club, after an agreement was made to become an official part of the club.

It is hoped that the area will have a series of teams, able to compete against boats from other coastal communities.

“It is a fun way to exercise, involves friendly competition and is very entertaining to watch.” said Rob.

If you would like further information on how you can get involved in the project, e-mail for more information.