Resolve to be greener, residents are urged

PEOPLE living in the Newburgh area are being encouraged to make at least one ‘green’ resolution this year.

The Sustainable Newburgh Project is urging people to make changes to their lifestyles as part of an ongoing campaign to cut the area’s carbon footprint.

It says that even small steps can make a difference, such as car sharing, cycling or working from home; switching off lights and appliances overnight; draught-proofing doors and windows; shopping locally and buying seasonal produce, or recycling more by composting food waste or donating goods to Newburgh’s own charity shop.

Project manager Angela Douglas said: “This project is about helping the people of Newburgh and the surrounding area live more sustainably and everyone can help a bit themselves.


“By committing to make one ‘green’ lifestyle change in the New Year, they will be helping the environment both locally and maybe further afield, and most likely helping themselves too, either through improving their health, through saving money, or just by being a better person.

“It doesn’t take much effort and every little bit helps.”

Meanwhile the Sustainable Newburgh project — which is funded by the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund — is currently surveying around 2500 people in and around Newburgh to find out what they think are the most suitable options for adapting their community to a low carbon future and to make their lifestyles more sustainable.


The results of the survey will be used to create a community ‘wish list’ of future carbon cutting measures for the town and surrounding area.

The project was set up as part of Newburgh Community Trust, which is already investigating the feasibility of a proposed community windfarm for the area.

If this succeeds, it’s hoped that the income stream from the windfarm can support some of the ‘wishes’ identified on the community ‘wish list’.