Swift and fluent Waid hammer poor Stobswell

Waid Rugby man of the match Gary Anderson
Waid Rugby man of the match Gary Anderson


Waid Academy FP RFC........96

The speed and support of the Waid players was too much for the hosts as the local men romped to victory.

Waid took an early lead after repeated rucks allowed Alex Gregg to pick and go to score the day’s first try – and set up an straight-forward conversion for man of the match Gary Anderson.

Stobswell were overcome again from a stolen lineout which allowed Waid captain, Alan Drysdale, to score.

The hosts found it hard to make any distance when in possession because of the Waid tackling.

Adam Shaw added another score as Waid stayed on the front foot.

This was followed up in similar manner when Drysdale released Ally Brunton inside him to score.

Stobswell were not for giving up, however, and scored when they intercepted a pass from Drysdale when it looked as though Waid were off again.

From a Stobbie knock-on, Bruce Hawkins started a move that Niall Hutchison, then Adam Shaw took on and when it looked as though the latter was through to score, he passed to the supporting Ally Brunton.

A similar try was scored when a kick through by Stobbie was recovered by Niall Hutchison who offloaded to Alan Drysdale before Mark Guthrie took the final pass to touch down.

Almost immediately from the kick off, Waid went around the narrow side with Adam Shaw breaking several tackles and finding Ally Brunton on his inside again to score again.

The second half started with some changes to the Waid XV and from an early ruck the ball was quickly moved through the hands to Alan Drysdale who ran three quarters of the length of the pitch to score.

From the restart Mark Guthrie recovered the ball and George Hodge kicked the ball through the advancing Stobbie defence for Hawkins and Andy MacIver to chase, both catching the defender and holding him pending the arrival of Alex Gregg who took the chance to lift the ball and score again.

The next Waid try came when Alex Gregg took a stolen ball to score again.

Soon after that, Adam got his chance to score when he stole the ball off the tail of the lineout and went through himself to score a try.

Mark Guthrie then played football down the left wing before generously turning the final kick into the centre of the pitch for Gary Anderson to collect it and score.

There was still time available for two more Waid tries: the first from replacement, Stephen Denny and finally Alan Drysdale.

The results means Waid are still on top of the league but now with a much better points difference.

Next week they host North Angus Development.