Sharpshooter Ken sets his sights on success

Sharp Shooter Ken Greenaway from Cupar has been chosen to represent Team GB
Sharp Shooter Ken Greenaway from Cupar has been chosen to represent Team GB

Cupar’s Ken Greenaway is hoping his chances of lifting an elite rifle shooting trophy have not been left blowing in the wind.

Ken, who shoots with the local St Andrews club, was picked to be part of a 10 man Great Britain side to compete for the Wakefield Trophy International Postal Match.

The trophy is contested between competing teams from the UK, America, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

After selection, competitors are asked to shoot their cards at a suitable range, where they are monitored, before the cards are set off through the post for verification and score calculation.

Ken, who travelled to Alloa on Monday for his shoot, said: “The conditions were a bit difficult for shooting.

“It was blustery at times but then that would change into sunlight.

“It was a real challenge to cope with.

“But that’s not something that’s taken into consideration when the scores are calculated.

“The markers will only look at the cards and it’s only me who knows about the conditions.

“It’s something that you just have to deal with when you’re shooting outdoors.”

Ken’s card has now been sent off to the competition’s main headquarters in Bisley, Surrey.

He was content with his card after having a look following his shoot but, given the prestige of the world class tournament, will not know exactly how he has done until it’s marked.

The margins are minute and it’ll be some weeks until Ken finds out exactly how he has fared.

“As you can imagine to get all the cards in from all over is going to take some time,” he added.

“It’s really just a case of waiting now.”

Ken is always keen to pass on his knowledge of the sport to anybody keen to get involved.

For further information on the competition, or how to get started in rifle shooting at a local club in Fife, please contact Ken on

There are various clubs spreads across the Kingdom.