Six shoals of Haddies battle it out in the fog

Anster Haddies leg four runners waiting at the start.
Anster Haddies leg four runners waiting at the start.

The event on every runner’s lips this week was the Devils Burden’s relay race - and the Anster Haddies were no different.

It’s Fife’s biggest race and arguably the greatest relay race in Scotland.

It was a chilly, foggy morning on lower ground but those who ran through the fog to higher ground were emblazoned by beautiful sunshine.

The Haddies had a grand total of six teams in the race which were organised superbly by Jim Hogflesh and Pamela Cruickshanks.

The race starts at the duck pond in Falkland heading 7.5km to Strathmiglo.

This is a fast leg with 220m of climbing, David Burgess was the fastest Haddie in a time of 29m08s.

After a quick change over the second leg which, is run in pairs, starts the 10 k slog to Kinneswood with 680m of climbing over the west Lomond and The Bishop Hill, Stuart MacKenzie and Jonny Knox smashed it in 1h03m52s.

The third leg again is a pairs leg the runners start with a rather tough climb up the Bishop and 11.5km route, 420m climb heading towards Maspie Den.

First Haddie pair was Jake Grieve and Gogs Halliday 1hr9m34s.

The final leg is the shortest at 5.5km but with 390m of climbing it’s a tough one, starting with a climb through the den then over Falkland Hill and finishing in Falkland.

Fastest was youngest Haddie Colin Mckie in 38m56s.

Anster Haddies teams and times from the race were as follows:

First Haddie team was David Burgess, Stuart Mackenzie, Jonny Knox, Jake Grieve, Gogs Hallidayand Colin Mckie in 3hr21m22s.

Second team Ailsa Cruickshanks, Lizzie and Rosie Knox, Alice Hall, Pamela Cruickshanks and Euan Hall 4hr9m44s.

Third team Gile Harris, Eck Anderson, Bill Simpson, Allan Gibson, George Findlay and Gavin Gibson 4hr31m20s.

Forth team Jill Thomson, Yvonne Dehn, Fiona Cruickshanks, Debz and Jaz Hay, and Tracy Chalmers 4hr41m48s.

Fifth team Dougie Lund, Geordie Hay, Ritchard McKinstray, Nick Fry, Ewan Cameron and Allan Galloway 5hr14m 19s.

Sixth team Sarah Hutchison, Christine Bowie, Angela Small, Sharon Brown, Ewan Lumsden and Jackie Galloway 5hr18m2s.

President Pamela Cruicksanks said the event once again proved a worthwhile excercise.

She said: “It was tough but great fun.

“I would like to say well done to all runners who took part in this amazing event and a big thanks to all organisers who made it possible.

“Well done to Bill Hutch and Titch Shaw who chose to run for glory and succeeded in a over 60s team made up of top runners from various clubs and picked up first in their category.”