Slimline Neil is ready for his next big challenge

Neil Pirie
Neil Pirie

A 46-year-old from Cupar has entered the Great Scottish Swim amidst a number of other physical challenges and events.

Neil Pirie has made a recent return to sports events after a fantastic weight loss.

Although he had enjoyed sport for most of his life, Neil’s weight increased due to a short period of inactivity.

He said: “I played rugby for thirty years and have always been active.

“When I retired from rugby, I was 18.5 stones.

“My friend suggested I get a bike, and then asked why not do a triathlon?”

Despite this seeming like a big goal, Neil decided to commit fully to the challenge.

He said: “I just started swimming, cycling and running.

“I had a good engine in me from playing rugby for all of those years so it was only six months later that I completed my first race.”

Since then, he has finished two ironman challenges and continues to enter triathlons.

As a result, Neil has lost an incredible five stones.

He said: “I found that once I started entering races, the weight just kept falling off.”

Neil will be swimming two miles at the Great Scottish Swim on Saturday, August 26.

The open water swim takes place in Loch Lomond and, with distances of half a mile, a mile, two miles, 5K and 10K, there is something for all swimming abilities.

Neil said: “I love open water swimming as I feel so calm when I’m doing it.

“I have such a busy life, so for that time in the water, I find peace.”

After so many years of loving sport, swimming is only a small part of Neil’s active lifestyle.

He said: “I like to continually set goals,” he added.