St Andrews sides impress in a week of thrilling cup action

Dave Beveridge who was undefeated this week.
Dave Beveridge who was undefeated this week.

With no league fixtures played this week, four St Andrews teams participated in cup fixtures in the Dundee and District Table Tennis league.

The club’s Truants and Prospects faced each other in an epic double-fixture, managing to complete both their Secondary Shield and Stanley Doubles Cup matches on one evening.

Both sides competed well in some high scoring and entertaining encounters.

In the Secondary Shield, Jon Fraser and Sandy Pearson were both able to defeat Alain Leger by the narrowest of margins, Sandy 15-13 and Jon 12-10 in their respective deciding sets.

Jon was unfortunate to lose 3-1 to Graham Ward, having lost the first two sets 11-9, 16-14, and Graham was also able to beat Neil 3-0 despite a close second game.

Graham’s two wins added to three from Sascha Roschy — who was impervious, not losing a single set — gave Truants a 5-2 victory.

Truants won the Stanley Doubles Cup fixture 5-0, although Prospects won sets in four of the five games.

Sandy and Neil were the closest to winning, losing to Alain and Graham 11-6 in the deciding fifth set.

Swots defeated Duffers 5-1 in the Secondary Shield in a thoroughly convincing performance on the table.

Dave Beveridge and Emma Bissett both won two games, having particularly close matches against Richard McLaren.

Collin Bleak was unfortunate to not also have a clean-sweep of victories, losing to Andy Reid in five sets, but bounced back to defeat Richard in straight sets.

Swots were also successful in the Stanley Doubles Cup, winning against Princes by a score of 5-1.

the margin of the win didn’t flater Swots who were at it from the very first moment of the match.

Dave was the strongest player on the night, winning two games with Emma and two games with Sandy Pearson.

Princes’ Eddie Dougan and Stewart Mason won the first game of the night in five sets over Emma and Sandy, but it went Swots’ way from there as the side refused to let their opponents stage any kind of comeback.

New Kids were also on fine form, defeating Telsports 6-0 in the Secondary Shield, with Howard Lee, Kong Wan, and Ian Smith each picking up two wins, although only one game - Kong’s win over Robert Fotheringham - was in straight sets.

Kong was also involved in the closest game of the night, defeating Sandy Elrick in five close sets.

Howard lost the second set to Robert but immediately bounced back to win the next set 11-0.

Unfortunately, due to injury, New Kids had to pull out of their Stanley Doubles fixture earlier in the week so were without a game.