‘Streaky scorer’ looks forward to Flyers return

Bobby Chaumont in action at play-off finals weekend. Credit: Richard Davies
Bobby Chaumont in action at play-off finals weekend. Credit: Richard Davies

Look up Bobby Chaumont’s stats, and the numbers speak for themselves.

Over 100 goals in the Ontario Hockey League, 99 goals in the Central Hockey League, 84 goals in the Elite League – and counting.

In total, the Canadian has hit the net 351 times, and assisted 416 more, throughout a career spanning almost 850 games.

Look beyond the numbers, however, and Chaumont is sometimes looked upon as a luxury player.

By his own admission he is a ‘streaky scorer’ – capable of blowing hot and cold.

But there is no doubting that he is a natural born finisher - a Miroslav Klose on skates - and that makes him a valuable asset.

Fifty-six of his career goals have come in a Fife Flyers jersey, and few would bet against the deadly 29-year-old adding another significant amount to that tally now that he has returned for a third season with the Kirkcaldy club.

“It didn’t take much to know that I wanted to come back,” Chaumont told the Press.

“I knew talking to a lot of guys after the season was over that there would be a good core coming back.

“I did have other options but again my heart is in Fife and I’m happy we were able to get a deal done quickly.

“I feel like we have some unfinished business and I can’t wait to get back on the ice.”

Last season was a roller-coaster one for Chaumont as he bounced back from a dip in form to once again finish as the club’s top goal scorer.

“Overall it was one of the most fun seasons I’ve had as a pro,” he said.

“If you had asked me that in November I would have said it was the worst, but the way we came together at the end of the year and the run we went on made it that much more memorable.

“It was truly exciting and fun to be on that ice every night.

“Personally I didn’t have a great start and as a team we just didn’t have it early.

“But once the puck started going in the net more frequently for myself, and more importantly we started winning, then you could see the confidence bouncing from player to player.

“By the end we were all just full of confidence and playing great hockey.”

Flyers stunning form towards the end of last season took them all the way to the play-off semi-finals in Nottingham and Chaumont is hoping the team can pick up where it left off.

He added: “With so many guys returning we can’t use the excuse anymore of having to gel together.

“We need to be ready right from the start and see what we can do.”

While his scoring rate is impressive, Chaumont is keen to contribute to the team in other ways.

“There are always things I can improve on,” he said.

“I’m a streaky scorer, so when I’m not scoring I need to make sure I’m doing other things to help the team win.

“I will make sure I’m ready to go come September and hopefully have another successful season.”

Chaumont is also looking forward to being reunited with the Fife fans, who have turned the T-Rex anthem ‘We like to Boogie’ into a tribute song.

“The fans here have always been great,” he said.

“Last year was tough for all of us at the start of the season and I know that fans were expecting great things after the prior season’s success.

“It was great to see the fans keep coming out and by the end to have all those sell-outs was a lot of fun to play in front of.”