Swots stun New Kids for surprise win

Emma Bissett
Emma Bissett

There were only two fixtures involving St Andrews teams in the Dundee and District League this week.

Unfortunately Prospects could not field a team and so forfeited their match, whilst Prefects’ match with Saints has been rescheduled to accommodate the student semesters.

Due to some of the other top players facing each other, Michael Hahn, without playing, went up to third in the Division One averages.

On Monday, Swots and New Kids faced each other.

Swots caused an upset to defeat New Kids 7-3 as the trio of Dave Beveridge, Emma Bissett, and Collin Bleak pulled together to get some great individual wins.

Dave beat Ken Falconer in straight sets, before Emma caused a big upset by defeating Howard Lee 3-0.

Ian Smith looked to be starting a come-back for New Kids as he raced to a 2-0 lead against Collin, but Collin won the next three games to make it 3-0 for Swots.

Whilst Howard beat Dave 3-1, Swots then won the next three games in a row; Collin beat Ken 3-1, Emma beat Ian 3-0, and Emma and Dave beat Ian and Howard 3-0 in the doubles.

Howard and Collin played out an excellent game. Howard won the first and third games, with Collin equalising both times to win the second and fourth, but Howard then won the fifth to seal the game.

Dave defeated Ian 3-0 before Ken won some consolation for New Kids by beating Emma in the final game.

Truants had a night they may wish to forget as they lost 8-2 to Brechin.

Sascha defeated Derek Mitchell 3-1 before John beat Sascha in a very close five-set game. Sascha also beat John Anderson 3-0 to give Truant’s their two points from the fixture. John and Derek both beat Knut Radmer and Alain Leger comfortably, and Aaron’s wins against Knut and Alain were important for Brechin’s win.

The doubles game was close with Sascha and Alain leading Derek and John 2-1 before the pair from Brechin recovered to win the game.