Terrific times for Haddies at the St Andrews 5k

Haddies Corey Lumsden and Oscar Burgess at St Andrews junior race.
Haddies Corey Lumsden and Oscar Burgess at St Andrews junior race.

The home of oldest university in Scotland was the setting for the St. Andrews 5k.

As normal the Haddies were out in force to support another local club’s race. First Haddie over the line was Duncan Hall in an excellent time of 19m12s, followed by Eric Anderson who is tuning up for the London marathon in 20m29s. Fiona Cruickshanks was next over the line as she continues to shine for the Haddies 22m and a course pb.

Remaining Haddies were George Findlay 22m18s, Jaz Hay 22m37s, Jas Baillie 22m42s, Tich Shaw 23m, Pamela Cruickshanks 23m29s third FV50, Natalie McKay 23m59s, Debz Hay 24m43s, Sharon Brown 25m12s, Tracy Chalmers 27m28s, Hannah Allum 27m38s and Karli Hay 27m45s.

In the junior race the Haddies had much more success.

First of the kids over the line was Awesome Oscar Burgess 1stFJ7 in a brilliant time of 7m40s for the mile course.

Courageous Corey Lumsden was the next kid over the line in a time of 8m37s to be 2ndmj8.

Park runners this week St Andrews Duncan Hall 18m52s 3rdms30, Mike Reilly 21m3s, Karli Hay 25m30s third FV25, Jaz Hay 25m30s, Natalie McKay 25m32s, Fiona Cruickshanks first FS20 25m32s, Carole Fraser 30m36s. At Livingston Colin McKie 19m8s first mj15; Kirkcaldy Jas Baillie 21m31s first MV55, Titch Shaw 21m56s first MV60; East Grinstead Neil Smith first overall 19m38s; Edinburgh Robyn McDonald 25m23s third Fs20 and Jacqui McDonald 28m5s.