‘Too fast’ Cupar squad sets the pace in the pool

Cupar and District swimmers.Cupar and District swimmers.
Cupar and District swimmers.
A big team of Cupar and District swimmers attended the first Fife League of the season with each swimmer having to compete in a backstroke event.

In the morning, the Novice League was held which aims to introduce less experienced swimmers to competitive swimming.

There was a lively atmosphere and all of the club’s swimmers put in their very best efforts.

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Five children received a speed flash for being disqualified for going too fast: Oscar Muir in his 25m backstroke, Maia Staal in the 25m butterfly, Molly Williams for the 50m butterfly, and Elisabeth Koenig and Ptolemy Goad for the 50m freestyle events.

Lewis Laws and Nairn Watson were both placed first in their events, Freddie Melville won a second place in his, and Molly Williams a third.

The top personal best times came from Darcey Drummond, Sophie Patterson and Marley Brown, who all improved their times by over eight seconds.

The afternoon session was for more experienced swimmers and was very busy, with many swimmers getting personal best times - Megan Martin, Sophie Sheriffs and Caera Baillie improved some of theirs by over 14 seconds.

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In the 50m backstroke events, Isla Davie, Anna Black, Lizzy Ferris, Andrew Sanderson, Steven Laws, Niamh Davie, Caera, Euan Gray, Craig Macfarlane, Eve Hewitt, Charlotte Hillier, Helen Black, Maisie Watson, Lauren McQuilton, Amelia Davie, Sophie, Millie Buchan, Oliver Goad and Findlay Baillie all raced.

Top placings in age groups were achieved by Lizzy, Caera, Eve, and Findlay (all third), Craig (second) and Euan and Oliver (both first).

In the 100m backstroke events, Lizzy, Steven, Euan, Charlotte, Lauren, Megan and Ella McGeorge all swam, with Lizzy (first) and Steven (second) achieving top placings in their age groups.

Ella, Milli Arkwright, Liam Black and Hannah Staal swam the longer 200m backstroke event.

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In the 100m breaststroke, Isla, Andrew, Craig, Milli, Maisie, Sophie and Amelia all raced, with Milli securing third place in her age group.

In the 100m butterfly, Caera, Liam, Eve, Hannah, Helen and Oliver raced, with Caera coming second in her age group.

Finally, in the 100m freestyle, Anna, Niamh, Millie and Findlay swam, with Anna (third) and Findlay (first) getting top placings.