Top times across the country for Haddies

It was another busy week of racing for the area’s Anster Haddies.

The Newburgh 4.23mile race was the fourth in the FAC Midweek Series which is in the Haddies Summer Grand Prix Series.

Selcted Haddies times were Colin McKie – 23:20 second MU20; Eck Anderson – 24:51; Eric Anderson – 25:44; CJ MacPhail – 26:51; Gordon Halliday – 26:53; George Findlay – 27:14; Yvonne Dehn – 27:31; Jas Baillie – 27:31; Fiona Cruickshanks – 27:32; Jazmin Hay – 28:8.

Saturday was the Musselburgh 10k where Fiona Cruickshanks ran a personal best in a time of - 45mins 22secs.

Yvonne Dehn was closely behind in an equally great time of 46mins 45secs.

Saturday also saw the annual Splash & Dash Beach Race in St Andrews which is a four mile course which involved a dook in the sea mid race.

Colin McKie was the first male junior in a time of 32mins 12secs.

He was followed by Eric Anderson - 33mins 20secs, Gordon Halliday - 33mins 53secs, Jas Baillie - 34mins 11secs - 2nd MV55 George Findlay - 35mins 39secs - first MV60, Ewan Cameron - 37mins 39secs - third MV55.

CJ also had fantastic run at the Spartan race in Edinburgh which is a testing endurance event in the hills.

Park run highlights - St Andrews Parkrun - Eric Anderson - 19mins 29secs - second MV40, George Findlay - 20mins 59secs - second MV60.

Kirkcaldy Parkrun - Tich Shaw - 21mins 43secs - second MV60.

Maribyrnong Parkrun, Melbourne Duncan Hall - 18mins 47secs - first MS30 - third overall.