‘Unprecedented’ level of PBs by Step Rock swimmers

Step Rock Swimmers at the Carnegie Graded Meet.
Step Rock Swimmers at the Carnegie Graded Meet.

Step Rock swimmers took to the pool again last weekend at the Carnegie Graded Meet, Glenrothes.

Led in the warm-ups by Hamish Noble and Rachel Gibbins, the ensuing team spirit brought what must be an unprecedented tally of personal bests (PBs) and first time swims for the club.

Charlie Gillespie (11) won three gold medals in 200m freestyle, 100m backstroke and 100m breaststroke - all commanding swims - and took a huge chunk off his 400m freestyle, finishing in 5:29.90.

Eilish Noble (10), Esmee Thoms (12) and Fraser Stewart (9) all tackled the 400m free for the first time with massive improvements on their training times.

Fraser had eleven swims in total, and showing great maturity for a swimmer of his age, handled this busy schedule exceptionally well with several PBs, plus a brilliant first time 100m butterfly swim.

Isla Thoms (10) executed her first ever 100m backstroke to perfection in 1:27.90, and was also rewarded with a bronze medal in the 50m butterfly. Swimming their first gala at this level, Jack Webster (10) and Freya Hedley (9) can be justifiably proud of themselves, both coming away with 9 out of 9 PBs or first time swims – Jack’s 200m freestyle and Freya’s 100m breaststroke particularly pleasing swims.

In his seven races, Hamish Noble also achieved a 100 per cent PB rate, his 50 freestyle a highlight.

Freya McLelland (12) and Rachel Gibbins (14) both swam well, Freya getting a first time mark in 100 backstroke to go with a PB in 50m breaststroke and Rachel slashing an impressive 4.66 seconds off her 100m freestyle.

Representing Lawhead Primary School, Charlie Gillespie qualified for the Scottish National Schools Championships, held in East Kilbride.

Swimming 50m backstroke, he produced another outstanding swim to record 38.00s, finishing just out of a finals place in seventh.

This is a remarkable achievement.

Next up for the club is the third and final round of the East District Age Group Championships.