Video: See Fife Flyers ‘late skate’ with the fans

It’s the smallest gestures that have the most lasting impact.

Saturday’s post-game skate with Fife Flyers’ players and fans saw the ice pad littered with people and many more rinkside capturing the moment in pics and on video.

Away from the groups, and far removed from the busy centre ice, Tim Hartung took the arm of one fan and slowly and carefully helped them round the boards; down and round the corner that curves along below the Fife Lounge.

They took as long as it took to reach the next gate where Matt Nickerson stood rinkside and the rest of the guys we happily posing for pics and signi autographs; signatures which will be destined for scrapbooks for many years to come.

Hockey’s close links with its fans can be a double edged sword at time, but, on the Sunday before Christmas we saw the up side of it all - a chance for kids (and some of their parents!) to share the same ice pad as their heroes.

More than a few kids will be asking when the next late skate is ..