Waid 3 - 26 Kirkcaldy

Waid with the trophy for finishing runners up in the RBS Caledonia Division 3 Midlands League.
Waid with the trophy for finishing runners up in the RBS Caledonia Division 3 Midlands League.

WAID made the short trip west to face a well-drilled Kirkcaldy Second XV in blustery but sunny conditions.

The local side started the match and Kirkcaldy immediately looked like a disciplined and problematical opposition, as they ran the ball back solidly.

Waid’s defence was in top form and the score could not be found for the hosts.

Kirkcaldy did, however, keep Waid camped within their own 22, much to the visitors’ frustration.

Waid eventually gained control of the ball and commanding runs from Fergus Middleton and Sian Linton allowed for the away side to get tremendous yardage and finally threaten the opposing line.

Kirkcaldy gave away a penalty and Waid opted to kick at goal, which captain Adam Shaw converted beautifully.

Unfortunately for Waid, Kirkcaldy quickly regained control and began giving the guests a hard time, as fierce rushing against the defence made Waid work hard to keep their lead.

Regrettably for Waid, a penalty was given against them and further backchat led to a loss of yards.

Waid lost their concentration and Kirkcaldy punished them for it as the home team ran in their first try of the day, which was converted.

The score just before half-time was 7-3, which gave Kirkcaldy the psychological edge going into the second half.

Waid were denied the chance of a score when they were on the Kirkcaldy try line, just before the referee blew his whistle.

Fitness began to take its toll and missed tackles, combined with a lack of concentration, led to Kirkcaldy notching up a couple of scores.

The second quarter of the second half told a slightly different story as Waid seemed to get their second wind and, more importantly, ownership of the ball.

Waid pushed hard for the try they so longed for, only to be agonisingly short on numerous occasions.

Kirkcaldy ended the game with a fourth try which was run in from distance.

After the game, Waid captain Adam Shaw said: “Kirkcaldy certainly deserved the win with a score line which was perhaps flattering.

“We simply were not good enough on the day.

“There were a few positives and I cannot fault the work rate in defence, but there’s plenty of room for improvement.”

Man of the match for this week was Waid’s centre, Sian Linton, who is sponsored by Chris Marr Consultancy.

This weekend, Waid host Howe of Fife 2nd XV.

There will be a pre-match lunch and further details can be found on www.pitchero.com/clubs/waidacademyfp.