Waid inch closer to second spot

Waid Academy captain Kevin Anderson on the attack
Waid Academy captain Kevin Anderson on the attack


Waid Academy FP...........14

WAID travelled north to face a physically powerful Arbroath rugby squad at the weekend.

The Anstruther team needed at least a draw to ensure second place in the RBS Caledonia Midlands Division 3, and despite Arbroath’s low position in the league, the home side had no intention of allowing Waid to smoke them out on their own turf.

With a lot at stake, tensions ran high throughout the game, and it wasn’t long before scuffles would become frequent throughout the early stages of the first half, forcing the referee to address both captains.

After the dust had settled, Waid stepped up to the plate and finally began to emerge as a threat to the Angus squad.

Waid, in possession at the halfway line, spun the ball out to centre Allan Drysdale, who destroyed his opposite number and smashed through the line before offloading to stand-off Kieran Doak, who dived over the line for the first points of the day.

However, the score was not converted by Waid’s number eight Adam Shaw.

Waid were stopped on the run on numerous occasions but at the expense of continuous high tackling.

Waid opted to kick for touch on most penalty occasions and captain Kevin Anderson did well to cope with strong winds in the throw-in.

A high tackle too far saw Arbroath finally punished and Waid sent Adam Shaw to kick at goal, which was successful.

Another three points were added to Waid’s tally and that concluded the first half.

The second period started at a much higher tempo in contrast with the first.

Both teams were gunning for the try line but Waid once again showed their impressive defence, with tackles from Drysdale, Doak and full-back John Murray guaranteeing a clean sheet.

Waid were also impressive in attack, with Stevenson giving the opposition a rough time with authoritative and hard hits, constantly moving the ball forward.

Arbroath, unable to contain the Fifers, eventually conceded a penalty which was no problem for Waid kicking machine Adam Shaw, who added another three points.

Arbroath, eventually entering Waid’s 22, were very persistent in their attempt to register a try.

The Waid defensive line had other ideas and, even when the home side crossed the try line, the ball was held up and taken back for a scrum at the five-metre line.

The Arbroath centre would once again challenge the Waid defenceand aimed for Waid’s Kieran Doak.

Despite a mismatch in size between the two, smaller-framed Doak showed his superior power when his tackle lifted his opponent off the ground, before being placed back on to it at a distorted angle.

With only a few minutes left, flanker Rory Doak, younger brother of Kieran, stormed in for a hopeful score, only to be stopped a few yards from the line.

Another penalty in favour of Waid saw Shaw convert his fourth successful kick of the day.

The proceedings were brought to a close and Waid had emerged victorious away from home.

The man of the match accolade again went to flanker Graham Gourlay, who caused Arbroath major problems all day.

Afterwards, captain Anderson said: “The work effort the boys put in was immense.

“We faced a much tougher and physical Arbroath team but, in true Waid fashion, we never let it faze us, and we ensured that we finish second in the Caledonia Midlands Division 3”.

Waid’s under-16 side were also successful in their home game against Carnoustie on Sunday. They defeated their opponents 41-39 to progress to the semi-finals of the Midlands Bowl.

Waid FP’s next outing is an away game at the home of Scottish rugby, where they take on the Murrayfield Wanderers.

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