Whiteford has the drive to be sports ambassador

Alistair Cameron welcomes Peter Whiteford to his new role. Pic: FPA
Alistair Cameron welcomes Peter Whiteford to his new role. Pic: FPA

Kirkcaldy and Central Fife Sports Council has unveiled local golf star Peter Whiteford as its new ambassador.

Peter met last week with sports council chair Alistair Cameron, who said he was the first name he thought of for the role.

“When I started as chair last November, one of the things I realised was that we needed to raise our profile,” he said.

“Not enough people knew about the work of the sports council and what we can offer, so I thought we needed someone with a high profile to act as ambassador.

“The person I had in mind straight away was Peter and I spoke to various people, who all highly recommended him.”

The Wellsgreen golfer has been away for most of the year but, after meeting with him, Alistair said he’s the perfect man for the role.

“We picked him because he’s local, for his personality - he is such a nice guy and will make an ideal ambassador for us - and he’s somebody who is working at the highest level of his sport.

“He’s out there all the time, focusing and trying to achieve and improve at a high level.

“That’s the sort of person we need - to inspire the people who are our members, both individual and clubs, to see what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.

“He’s a true professional and fits the category perfectly.”

Alistair said that, although Peter has an extremely busy schedule – he’s currently playing in the Russian Open – he hopes he will be able to get involved locally.

“In general, we hope that, in his role, he’ll be able to give us some advice as we go along. He’s genuinely interested in working with us and was very honoured and humbled to be asked.

“I’d like to set up a question and answer session at some stage, where members can ask questions not just about Peter’s golf but about his lifestyle; the amount of travelling he does and how he gets on when he’s on tour, how he focuses on his game. There are lots of interesting things that he can tell our members.

“The council is financed by Fife Council and we can subsidise or finance clubs or individuals with sporting needs; anything from organising a tournament to sending coaches on courses.

Alistair continued: “If it’s anything to do with improving or raising the profile of an individual or club, they can apply to us. They just have to be a member, which costs just £10 a year.

“The more members we get, the stronger voice we have and Peter Whiteford understands that.

“He’s ideal for the role.”

To find out more or to join, go to www.kcfsportscouncil.co.uk.