‘Perfect spot’ on Kirkcaldy High Street for Fife’s only Polish restaurant

Fife’s ‘only Polish restaurant’ launched in Kirkcaldy on Saturday evening, offering authentic Polish cuisine and cocktails.

By Scott McCartney
Friday, 2nd August 2019, 10:47 am
New Polish restaurant Folk Love has opened on Kirkcaldy High Street. Pic: Walter Neilson.
New Polish restaurant Folk Love has opened on Kirkcaldy High Street. Pic: Walter Neilson.

Folk Love owner Marietta Szyrowska says the spot on the corner of Whytehouse Avenue and the High Street, previously occupied by Babas Bistro, is perfect for the new venture.

She is brimming with positivity for the new restaurant and believes there is an increasing interest in Polish food among the Scottish population.

She said: “What I’ve noticed is that in Polish shops, there’s more Scottish people coming in.

Folk Love owner Marietta Szyrowska.

“Years ago you would only hear Polish language in there, but now you go in and you’re hearing Scottish people as well, so it’s amazing that you like to try our food, and there’s no other Polish restaurant in Fife. There’s loads of shops, but no restaurants.

“I’ve had the idea for the restaurant for a couple of years now, I was looking for the perfect spot and I found this and just fell in love with it.

“I went in and thought ‘yeah, this is where I want to open the restaurant’.

“There’s beautiful views of the sea, and I think it’s quite a busy part of the high street.”

So what can diners expect from the new eatery?

“We’re serving breakfast from 10am-12pm and we’ll have all the traditional Polish dishes like dumplings, porkchops, and things like that,” Marietta said.

“We’ll have two soups in our a la carte menus, like zurek, which is served inside hollowed-out bread.”

Among the recommendations Marietta makes is the golonka - slow-cooked pork leg in sauce with beer. And of course, there is a selection of flavoured Polish vodkas.