An evening of glam that will be impossible to forget

Amby Stanyer-Hunter (pics by Warren Fyffe)
Amby Stanyer-Hunter (pics by Warren Fyffe)

An “unforgettable” line-up of local talent will bring a glittering evening of glam to the stage this Saturday.

It will bring together the best routines put on over the past few years by performers from the Pole O Rama studio in Kirkcaldy’s Olympia Arcade.

Studio owner Amby Stanyer-Hunter said that ‘Unforgettable’ is the culmination of 18 shows which have taken place over the last seven years.

“It’s the biggest show we’ve ever done,” he said, “it contains pole dance in its various forms, different styles of aerial dance, big showgirl group dances, belly dancing and lots of burlesque.

“Some people who don’t come to the classes anymore are coming back just to take part in this show to perform their routines, and we’ve got a couple of guest spots and one or two other things as well, so there’s a huge variety and it shows that there’s a thriving burlesque scene in Fife.”

Amby said that although the show is a “best of” there will be one or two surprises as well.

“I love putting on a mix of different things. In general we do three shows a year. They’re a bit smaller than this so that the students can show what they’ve been doing recently.

“My issue is that, because we put on so many shows, I don’t want the audience being bored. I don’t want people thinking that because they’ve been to a couple of shows before that it’s just all the same.

“So we desperately try to keep everything different, which is why in our normal shows we try and have a different theme every time and the performers will do something different, so that it’s interesting for the audience.”

The show is performed by people who want to express themselves, which is a huge part of the studio’s philosophy.

“There is literally one person taking part who is professional – these are all performers who do this as a hobby in their spare time,” Amby said.

“Basically my outlook is, the world beats you down enough. So we like to try and raise you back up a bit.

“I have got performers who are all shapes, all sizes and all ages, men and women.

“Maybe there are some who aren’t the strongest performer but I don’t think that should mean that they can’t be involved.

“No matter who you are you deserve to be on stage if you want to be.”

‘Unforgettable’ will take place this Saturday at the Lochgelly Centre from 7.30pm. Tickets are available from the box office, by calling 01592-583303 or online at