Art of recycling trees in Falkland!

An exhibit on the 'After the Storm' sculptural trail in Falkland estate.
An exhibit on the 'After the Storm' sculptural trail in Falkland estate.

FIERCE storms early last year resulted in the devastating loss of many trees across north east Fife but a group Falkland has decided to turn the devastation on its head, by coming up with a number of ways to re-use the fallen timber.

People living within a five mile radius of Falkland estate will soon be able to benefit from an innovative woodfuel supply project which will utilise surplus wood from the estate - one method of which will be delivering the fuel by bicycle!

Another has been the creation of a special sculptural trail, called ‘After the Storm’ which is situated in one of the worst storm-damaged areas of the woods, close to Pillars of Hercules.

In relation to the first project Falkland Centre for Stewardship recently obtained a grant of over £76,000 from the Climate Challenge Fund.

Centre director Helen Lawrenson explained that much of the wood will come from the hundreds of trees which fell down during fierce storms in December and January.

She said: “It is hoped the scheme will increase fuel resilience while reducing the carbon footprint of the community. At the same time the project will raise awareness of how, via direct community action, people can save money and reduce consumption of non-renewable energy.”

“As part of our costings we included an electric gater which is a more environmentally friendly method of transporting wood around than tractors or lorries. The gater will have a place for the logs to go.

The bikes would be ridden by members of the scheme so they would be volunteers (as will the gater drivers). The logs would be cut to size and then if they were being transported by the bikes then they would be put in trailers that are bought with the bikes.”

In ‘After the Storm’ artists have been working on reflecting the storms through art and have created an amazing sculptural trail combining the damaged trees with living ones.

There are various areas to explore including ‘fire pits’, ‘ghost’ trees and a ‘tools’ section all made from wood.