50 Fringe shows you should consider seeing ...

Laurence Owen, Edinburgh Festival Free Fringe 2015 (Pic: Cath Ruane)Laurence Owen, Edinburgh Festival Free Fringe 2015 (Pic: Cath Ruane)
Laurence Owen, Edinburgh Festival Free Fringe 2015 (Pic: Cath Ruane)
Edinburgh Festival Fringe gets underway next week.

It means a month of non-stop entertainment as the world’s greatest arts festival lands pretty much on our doorstep across the Forth.

Shows run from early morning into the wee sma’ hours, and take over venues big, small and all sizes in between!

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It’s entirely possible to cram multiple shows into one day, but where to start?

Colin CloudColin Cloud
Colin Cloud

Allow the Press to help!

We’ve selected 50 that we think are worth your consideration.

Some we have seen, some are on our ‘to do’ list and a few are recommendations from folk who know their Fringe inside out.

Colin Cloud: Pleasance Courtyard

Colin CloudColin Cloud
Colin Cloud

Mind-boggling, mind-blowing mentalism from a man whose skills and showmanship defy logic.

The Craig Ferguson Show: Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre

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Hotly anticipated return to the Fringe for the first time since 1993 for the Scot – remember Bing Hitler? – who is now a chat show king in the US. Expect big name star guests.

Tape Face: Pleasance Courtyard

A ‘best of’ show from a unique act formerly known as ‘The Boy with…’

Choir Of Man: Assembly Rooms

Nine outstanding singers invite their audiences to sing, dance, and join them for a drink in a show that will hit every single one of your senses for six.

Doug Anthony All Stars: Pleasance

Bona-fide Fringe legends who made a triumphant return in 2016. A swan song? Nope, they’re back for a full run. No topic is taboo for these Aussies, so strap yourself in!

Arr We There Yet: Underbelly Circus Hub, Meadows

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A rip-roaring pirate show which will swash your buckles and entertain kids of all ages from three to 63…

Charlotte Church Pop Dungeon: Summerhall

Two late nights for Church and her stunning band as they serve up a set of amazing music and some remarkable covers. Runs ‘til 3am.

Liz Lochhead/Hazey Janes: Queen’s Hall

Music and monologues in a show that centres around the poem The Optimistic Sound which Lochhead wrote for the much missed Michael Marra.

Adam/Eve: Traverse Theatre

Adam is the true story of a trans man’s journey from Egypt to Scotland ... Eve is the story of a child raised as a boy, when she knew all along that was wrong. Two powerful testimonies.

Austentatious: Underbelly, George Square

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An Austen classic re-created every day from audience title suggestions handed to the very best improv team on the Fringe. A brilliant lunch-time show.

Camille O’Sullivan: Underbelly Circus Hub, Meadows

Breath-taking music from a Fringe legend – once seen, impossible to forget.

Museum After Hours: National Museum, Chambers Street

Kids are banished as adults grab a drink, food, get their faces painted, explore the museum and enjoy an eclectic bill of live music, dance, comedy ... and much more. The coolest vibe on the Fringe!

Nicholas Parsons’ Happy Hour: Pleasance

He’s 93 and a much-loved Fringe star whose chat shows pull in some big names and have a warmth of their own. And he hands out Smarties to the front row!

Guru Dudu’s Silent Disco Walking Tour: Everywhere!

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Grab a headset and join Guru on a city tour when you WILL be dancing in the streets to some classic songs only you can hear!

Tim Vine: Pleasance

An hour of one liners from the master of the genre.

Double Feature: Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre

Grant Stott and Andy Gray in a new show of two workers clearing out an old cinema and sparking memories of great movies.

Fern Brady: Stand Comedy Club II

One of the hot comedy tickets from this outstanding Scottish star.

Anna Morris Bitchelors: Voodoo Rooms

Her 2016 improv wedding show It’s Got To be Perfect was brilliant and played to full houses. Morris is back with a new show in which four women compete to be ‘Woman of the Year.’

Letters To Morrissey: Traverse Theatre

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One of two shows on our list from Gary McNair. A homage to fan-dom as a man finds the letters he once sent to the Smiths’ singer.

Dolly Would: Summerhall

Fringe First winners back with a new show that is inspired by Dolly Parton and their unashamed love for the queen of country

Arthur Smith Sings Cohen: Pleasance

Yup, Smith the comedian and broadcaster. He does a superb homage to Cohen. A final tip of the hat to the great singer-songwriter

Djuki Mala: Assembly George Square Theatre

Aboriginal group with a massive online following with this exhilartating dance show where the timing is stunning, the moves awesome, and will raise your spirits to the skies.

Break Up (We Need To Talk): Summerhall

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Get comfy! A five-hour continuous show in which five performers dismantle their relationships. You can come and go as you wish, and tweet your commentary too.

Locker Room Talk: Traverse

Inspired by Trump’s gruesome comments made during the election, Gary McNair asked how men really talk about women. This is their words – read out by women.

Translunar Paradise : Pleasance Courtyard

Life, death and enduring love as seen through the eyes of a man who has lost his wife. Told with masks and movement, it is genuinely moving.

Start Swimming: Summerhall

The title of James Fritz’s show comes from an instruction when just seconds away from disaster.

Not I:Pleasance Courtyard

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Jess Thom tackles Beckett – never the easiest thing to do – but she also has Tourettes, so this show explores the barriers she faces. Intriguing.

All We Ever Wanted Was Everything: Summerhall

LIve music meets drama – welcome to the glorious world of ‘gig theatre’ which looks at dreams and disillusionment across three very different decades in the UK.

Laurence Owen & Lindsay Sharman’s The Time Machine: Voodoo Rooms

Owen is a great talent. This year he teams up with his wife to reboot an Orson Wells classic. Easily one of the best shows on the Free Fringe.

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The Kinsey Sicks: Things You Shouldn’t Say, Gilded Balloon, The Museum

Enter the world of ‘dragapella’ – glorious harmonies, and razor sharp comedy which has its sights firmly set on The Donald.

Whose Line Is It Anyway: Assembly Rooms

Clive Anderson brings the famous improv game back for some more made-up nonsense. All the big names are joining in too!

Boris & Sergey’s One Man Extravaganza: Assembly George Sq Theatre

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Caught this Balkan puppetry guys in a little vaudeville style tent last year – an absolute delight! A lovely story, brilliantly put together with humour and some engaging audience participation. A wee gem.

Butt Kaplinski: Pleasance Dome

Be prepared to be part of the show as a private eye movie is unfurled before your very eyes ... with you as part of it, should you wish. A throwback to the days of film noir cleverly brought to the stage.

Bruce: Underbelly Cowgate

Where else can you see a show starring a yellow block of foam? Puppetry at its very best and most creative.

Creative Martyrs: Kabakunst Fingers Piano Bar

Subversive songs with the lightest touch from a duo at the very heart of the Free Fringe.

Cat Loud: Down The Rabbithole: Space TripleX

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Loved her 2016 show – a unique, slightly cookie but charming, rich and engaging show laced with the style of of a late night speakeasy bar. Glorious music too.

Baby wants Candy: Assembly George Square

Improv is everywhere at the Fringe, but once you’ve seen this, the rest, well they’re all a bit ‘meh’.

Craig Hill: EICC

Look, it’s against the law to go to the Fringe and NOT see this guy. Okay?

Jason Byrne: Assembly Hall

See above! Byrne is a Fringe ‘must see’ Simple as that.

Lula del Ray: Underbelly Med Quad

Live theatre, music, shadow puppets and collage combine to re-invent a classic coming of age story. A feast for the eyes and soul.

Mark Thomas: A Show That Gambles On the Future: Summerhall

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Thomas always curates shows that are intelligent, sharp and relevant – and his take on where the country goes from here should be fascinating.

Matt Ford: A Show Hastily Re-Written In Light Of ...: Pleasance Courtyard

Political comedy? Ford is the go-to guy.

Frogman: Traverse

An intriguing supernatural show which is set within a sleepover and taps into a search for a missing child. Don a VR headset and you too become part of this live theatre/film production.

Arlene: Glitz, Glamour & Gossip: Assembly Checkpoint

One for the ‘Strictly’ fans as Arlene Phillips talks about the show and her life in dance.

Brexit: The Musical: C venues

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You voted, now see the musical. One of many Brexit-themed/inspired shows at Fringe 2017.

Jo Caulfield:

Stand Comedy Club

Jo once used a quote from the FFP on her posters. We were chuffed - then she scribbled across it ‘’Fife? Is this the best we can get?’ We still love her!

Al Murray Pub Landlord’s Saloon:

Assembly, George Sq Gardens

Post-referendum, pre-Brexit – nope, no idea what the pub landlord will find to talk about!

Phil Jupitus – Up The Stand: The Stand 3 & 4

One of FIVE shows Jupitus is plate-spinning. Great comedy from a smashing fella – but also take in his Porky The Poet free show at Bannerman’s.

Sara Pascoe:

Pleasance Courtyard

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A hot comedy ticket as Pascoe reflects on life after the break-up of her relationship – strangely enough her ex, comedian John Robins, is also at the Fringe!

Dave Johns, I Fillum Star:

Pleasance Dome

The star of Ken Loach’s searing film, I, Daniel Blake, takes to the stage to tell his remarkable story.